Mayberry Bible Study

Mayberry Bible Study Podcast

Based on the Mayberry Bible Study originated by Joey Fann back in 1998.

Host Allan Newsome will be visiting episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and exploring how characters from The Andy Griffith Show behave. Does their behavior reflect poorly or positively, from a Christian perspective, on their character.

The podcast will be released randomly. We will listen to an episode of The Andy Griffith Show and then discuss what we might learn. The podcast will focus on the 16 public domain episodes of The Andy Griffith Show because we want to show good character and break no copyright laws as we study what the Bible teaches.

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We hope you’ll join us for some Mayberry fun and learn a little along the way.

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Mayberry Bible Study Podcast: Rafe Hollister Sings

January 15, 2012

Thank you for joinning me for this episode of the Mayberry Bible Study Podcast. This is a special episode of the podcast because it was recorded live on the Mayberry Cruise (Nov 12-17, 2011). We also start off with a special message from Ronnie and Elease Felker (as Barney and Thelma Lou) about the things that are required to get into heaven which will remind you of the scene when Barney was trying to recite the preamble to the Constitution.

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Mayberry Bible Study Podcast: Barney’s First Car

November 6, 2011

Barney decides to make a big purchase – his first car! A sweet, older lady from Mt. Pilot brings in her deceased husband’s vehicle to meet with Barney’s approval. It seems like a great deal to him, but Andy suggests he think about it some more or at least have Wally look at it first. Barney simply can’t wait and closes the deal. The car turns out to be a lemon, and Mrs. Lesch proves she isn’t much better.

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Mayberry Bible Study Podcast: The Loaded Goat

October 2, 2011

Mayberry is having an underpass put in and this is requiring some blasting out at the construction site. Hodge brings his goat (Jimmy) into town for the day and, while running errands the goat gets loose and eats some of the dynamite. Everyone becomes afraid of the potential for explosion Jimmy possesses. They seek to find solutions to the quandary. Finally they stumble upon the idea of Barney playing his French Harp and lead the goat out of town. The mayor and Hodge hear an explosion from the construction site and think Andy and Barney were blown up leading the goat away. They break into a eulogy not knowing the duo had returned and were listening in the other room.

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Mayberry Bible Study Podcast: High Noon in Mayberry

September 4, 2011

This is our pilot episode of the Mayberry Bible Study Podcast. I hope you enjoy your visit to Mayberry and grow at least a little bit in your walk to be more like Christ as well. I know that ANY study of God’s word is helpful so even a study inspired by The Andy Griffith Show can be used by Him.

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