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TCNW 447: It says 9 for Nine Years

October 10, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:56:47 On the 11th of October 2008 the first episode of Two Chairs No Waiting was published. Since then I have created enough content to allow a listener to consume Two Chairs for 6 days and 15 hours. That’s almost 24 hours a day for a week. If you have […]

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TCNW 447a: This Week in Mayberry History featuring The Andy Griffith Show

October 10, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:05:45 Bonus Content: This week’s installment of This Week in Mayberry History by Randy Turner featuring The Andy Griffith Show.   Sign up for the Two Chairs E-mail Mailing List Don’t forget to sign up for the Two Chairs No Waiting e-mail mailing list.  I want to be able to […]

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TCNW 446: Mayberry Days Trivia 2017 Round 1

October 3, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:29:43 Each Mayberry Days the World Championshiop of Mayberry Trivia is held. This episode we’ll experience the first round of questions. These questions were used to qualify for the “Finals” of the trivia which pits past Mayberry Days Trivia champions against each other and the qualifiers from this round. The […]

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TCNW 445: Mayberry Days Report 2017

September 26, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:41:15 I’m going to give as complete of a report as possible about Mayberry Days 2017 in Mount Airy, NC. SO MUCH happened during the long weekend that I can’t do justice to the memories created and shared by those who were able to attend. This report will give you […]

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TCNW 444: Getting Ready for Mayberry Days 2017

September 19, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:29:24 Mayberry Days 2017 in Mount Airy, NC is almost here. This is a primer so we can all get ready for the big event if we’re attending. If we’re not able to go, we can get excited for those who are able and live vicariously through them. Enjoy the […]

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TCNW 443: The eBullet September 2017

September 12, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:28:20 Time once again to drop by The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club and see what fun and interesting information they have for us in the FREE newsletter called The eBullet. The Presiding Goober, Jim Clark, works heard every other month to find great information for all us Mayberry […]

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Burke on Mayberry #137 – Back to Nature

September 11, 2017

Burke on Mayberry 137 – Back to Nature Running time:  9:58 In this season four “The Andy Griffith Show”  episode entitled, ‘Back to Nature’ which originally aired on May 11, 1964, the Mayberry gang go on a camping expedition which leads to fun misadventures!’ Be sure to visit www.BurkeOnMayberry.com. Subscribe to Burke on Mayberry     

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TCNW 442: James Best MD2007

September 5, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:27:52 I’ve been cleaning up my Mayberry room here at my house and uncovered a gem. Back in 2007 James Best appeared at Mayberry Days and as part of that appearance he performed at Col Tim’s Talent Time. He started off as the guitar player, Jim Lindsey, but it didn’t […]

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TCNW 441: How Floyd Got His Start

August 29, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:25:01 I’m often asked how I got started as a “Floyd the barber” tribute. In this episode you’ll get to hear the story of how it all began. From The Mayberry Deputy, David Browning asking me to come to talk to folks using a Floyd voice to the very first […]

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TCNW 440: Who Stole My House?

August 22, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:24:30 Remember the episode when Andy was talking to Floyd about who blackballed Howard Sprague from the lodge? Floyd was only half listening because he’s reading the newspaper article about “somebody stealing this poor guys house while he’s at work.” One of our listeners always thought was kind of far-fetched […]

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