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TCNW 431: Ron Howard & Opie Taylor

June 20, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:20:30 I’ve talked about Opie before on the show but I don’t know if I’ve ever talked much about Ron Howard. Randy Turner inspired me to dig up a little more information about Ron Howard and Opie because of this weeks history report. I enjoyed learning more and I’m sure […]

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TCNW 430: Mountain Omens & Superstitions #3

June 13, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:24:17 I’ve done a couple of Mountain Omens & Superstitions episodes but it has been a year and a half since the last one so I thought it was about time to do another. The mountain wisdom from the Darling family and their kin is something we can have fun […]

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Burke on Mayberry #135 – The Rumor

June 12, 2017

Burke on Mayberry 135 – The Rumor Running time: 11:16 In this season four “The Andy Griffith Show”  episode entitled, ‘The Rumor’ which originally aired on April 27, 1964, Barney starts a rumor about Andy and Helen and ‘engages’ many others in the fiasco. Be sure to visit www.BurkeOnMayberry.com. Subscribe to Burke on Mayberry     

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TCNW 429: Listener Feedback #35

June 6, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:25:34 I’ve been getting a good bit of feedback lately so I wanted to focus on some of the comments this episode. Thank you to all who have taken time to write in or comment on the videos! 5th Annual Mayberry Meet-up in Mt. Airy, NC (2017) is coming up […]

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TCNW 428: Howard Morris – Second Banana

May 30, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:35:12 This being Memorial Day here in the United States, I thought it would be a fitting time to talk about one of the veterans that were cast members of The Andy Griffith Show. Howard Morris was on my mind because he passed away on 21 May 2005 and lucky […]

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TCNW 427: Mayberry Trivia T or F

May 23, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:26:39 I know a lot of you enjoy trivia so every now and then we have a episode dedicated to Mayberry Trivia. We’ve had hard trivia, easy trivia and pretty much everything in between but we’ve never done true or false questions. Thanks to author and Mayberry fan Scott Hopkins […]

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TCNW 426: The eBullet May 2017

May 16, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:26:57 Time to drop by TAGSRWC Headquarters in Nashville, TN and hear from the Presiding Goober, Jim Clark, and the official newsletter of The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club, The eBullet! What we cover on the show is only a portion of what is contained in The eBullet so […]

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TCNW 425: The “Real” George Lindsey

May 9, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:22:43 May 6, 2017 was the 5th anniversary of the passing of George “Goober” Lindsey. Mayberry fans know George in his persona of Goober Pyle but how many know the “real” George Linsdey. George always found time to support good causes and the cause closest to his heart was Special […]

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TCNW 424: Don Rickles

May 2, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:24:19 We lost a great on about a month ago in Don Rickles. His character of Newton Monroe comes to mind often when something I, or a friend, just bought breaks. He will be missed and we’ll talk a bit about him. I ran across a wonderful poem from Al […]

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TCNW 423: Return to Mayberry Update

April 25, 2017

Host: Allan Newsome Running time: 0:20:22 Last episode we were reminded about the “Return to Mayberry” television movie by Randy Turner’s This Week in Mayberry History report so I thought it was fate when I ran across a forgotten Mayberry historical gem. I was looking through the files on my computer trying to find a […]

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