Two Chairs No Waiting 207: Public Domain Episodes

by Floyd on September 25, 2012

Two Chairs No WaitingHost: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:18:10

A discussion over at the iMayberry Community drew me into a discussion about public domain episodes and what does it mean that the episodes are “public domain.”

The topic started out about the 1986 NBC TV movie “Return to Mayberry” but side tracked into other areas.  We’ll go through some of the fine points dealing with how hard I have to try not to break the copyright of VIACOM who owns The Andy Griffith Show.

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Burke on Mayberry #103 – The Haunted House

by Kevin Burke on March 18, 2012


Burke on Mayberry 103 – The Haunted House

Running time: 11:02

In this “The Andy Griffith Show” season four episode entitled, ‘The Haunted House’ which originally aired on October 7, 1963, it’s “age before beauty” as the gang from Mayberry discover “there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

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Two Chairs No Waiting 172: The Fleets Come to Mayberry Part 3

January 24, 2012

We always assume that Bobby’s and Freddy’s bands are the same and while Freddy does mention that every time he comes through Mayberry that Andy tries “pot bellied schemes” we don’t know that it is the same band. Maybe Bobby and Freddy Fleet are brothers who both have bands that travel the state and sometimes come through Mayberry. Maybe the script continuity person missed this one and gave Mr. Fleet the wrong name. We’ll never know and it’s for fans to discuss and decide for themselves.

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Two Chairs No Waiting 171: The Fleets Come to Mayberry Part 2

January 17, 2012

“The Guitar Player Returns” is only 7 months and 28 episodes later and the 31st episode of season 1 of TAGS (Oct 17, 1960 – May 16, 1961) and when “Bobby Fleet” appears, he’s a different man. No longer is Henry Slate playing the character but instead Fleet is played by Herb Ellis.

Host: Allan Newsome

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Two Chairs No Waiting 170: The Fleets Come to Mayberry Part 1

January 10, 2012

We’re going to enjoy meeting Bobby Fleet and the other characters that join us in “The Guitar Player.” As I was going through this episode, I just kept finding great quotes that brought a smile to my face and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.

Host: Allan Newsome

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Two Chairs No Waiting 107: Ellie Comes to Town

October 26, 2010

As this episode of the podcast is being recorded, it is the 50th anniversary of the first airing of episode number 4 of The Andy Griffith Show titled “Ellie Comes to Town.” That fact and as a result of a voice mail I received this week it seemed fitting to focus just a bit on this episode. Running time: 0:16:38

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Two Chairs No Waiting 106: Who’s Barber Shop or Bank Book Is It?

October 21, 2010

The issue that keeps raising it’s head is “who’s bank book was Andy looking at, his own or Parnell Rigsby’s, when he said, “Ain’t that the saddest bank book you ever saw?” Andy took the bank book out of the same cigar box that he had been keeping Mr. Rigsby’s change purse. I, and many others, have always believed that to be Andy’s bank book BUT there are also a lot of folks that think that it was Mr. Rigsby’s bank book. Running time: 0:16:08

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Two Chairs No Waiting 85: With Carl Griffith

May 25, 2010

Listen to this episode of Two Chairs No Waiting to find exactly who Carl is and where he appears on The Andy Griffith Show. “The Andy Griffith Show starring Andy Griffith; with Ronny Howard, Carl Griffith. Also starring, Don Knotts.” Running time: 0:11:05

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