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Story Beginning:
Barney walks through the back door of the Taylor's home to see Andy and Opie at the kitchen table enjoying the breakfast Aunt Bee has prepared for them. Aunt Bee looks up from the sink, "Hello Barney. Sit down and have some coffee."


"Thanks Aunt Bee. I do believe I will. Not too much though. I wouldn't want to get too keyed up this here day." 1

"Why not, Barney? What's so special about today?" Opie asks as Barney pulls out a chair and sits down.

"I'll let you pour your own coffee, Barney." Aunt Bee puts a cup and the pot of coffee in front of him.

"Thanks, Aunt Bee."

2 "Want to see part of the paper Barn?" Andy asks as Barney pours his coffee.

"You got the business section there, Ange?"

"Lookin for another rare coin Barn?"

"Now don't start that again! I hate it when you get obtuse!" Barns says as he gulps his coffee.

"That's too HOT!" Barn yells.

"Goodness gracious Barney, you certainly are cross this morning" Aunt Bee says as pretends to fan Barney's coffee with her hand. 3 "Barney, is today your birthday?" Opie asks, still hoping for an answer. Aunt Bee looks at the boy. "Opie, don't bother Barney. If you're finished you can go up and make your bed. We're going to the market as soon as I get the dishes done." "Yes, ma'am," he says enthusiastically and finishes his milk. 4

Barney goes through each page of the business section with great vigor.

"Right c'here it is!" he exclaims! 5 "Ange, I got a deal that's gonna make all of us very rich!", Barney exclaims. "Whoa, hold back on them horses, there. If I was you, I wouldn't be gettin' involved in them "Get rich quick" schemes.", Andy said. "Andy, will you reserve judgement this one time? Will you reserve judgement?", Barney exclaims. 6 "Just look for yourself, Ange"! says Barney as he pushes the paper in front of Andy. A very pained expression of doubt comes across Andy's face as he reads "Need More Income? If so, call 547 in Mount Pilot for details. Minimum cash investment required. HUGE PROFIT POTENTIAL!" You see that Ange, you see that! A deal like this don't come along every day you know! 7

Andy shook his head and returned to his coffee. He had been here before, and knew that, once Barney had his mind made up, there was no stopping him. Because of this, Andy had developed an ingenious ability to get both himself and Barney out of these scrapes, and still come out smelling like a rose. He found that he had actually come to enjoy it. 8

"More coffee, Andy?" Aunt Bee was standing next to him holding the steaming pot. "Oh, no thank you, Aunt Bee." He glanced up at the wall clock. "We're late as it is." He put his paper down and stood up. "Come on, Mr. Moneybags, we got to go," he said to Barney. 9 "Oh, you're funny, you are! Why don't you give Opie a piggy bank and tell him it's a real pig!", Barney said as he angrily left the kitchen. Andy and Barney pull up to the courthouse and see a fancy lookin' car parked by the hotel, they get out and investigate. 10

"Wonder if Bobby Fleet has a new car?" pondered Andy. Barney looks at the car with his eyes as big as saucers, "Oh not those joke crackers again." he says.

The car door suddenly pops open. Out comes Gomer.

"Goooollllllly, you will never believe what just happened." he clammers.

11 "Your hitch is up and you went and brought yourself a car?", Andy guessed. "Naw, guess again!", says Gomer. "Goober died and you got an inheritance?", Barney replied, (he whispers to Andy): "'Course I can't see him bein' a millionaire like that Gates feller everybody's talkin' about." "Naw", Gomer answered smiling. 12 "Well, if you fellers give up, I'll tell ye," Gomer, pumped full of "proudness," enthused. "Ok, what happened, Gomer?" Andy asked, leaning on one arm on the new car, peering into the windows at the luxurious interior. "Phewwweee," he half-whistled, "would you look at that, Barn? Gomer's got himself one of them new Auto-Revolvo back seats."


"Hey yeah..I've heard about them," Barney, wide-eyed, stoops and looks through the glass with Andy.


"Wayl...this was a gift from Mary Grace. You remember Mary Grace, don't che, Andy? She's nice...real nice!"

"You don't say, Gome," Barn, drop-jawed, exclaimed. (Aside to Andy) "I didn't know the gal had them kinds of funds. Why, her Daddy wasn't even in the civil service, was he?"

Andy gave Barn a look and then joined Gomer as he looked under the hood. 13 "That's funny, Thelma Lou didn't mention anything about this to me.", Barney said. "Hmm. Well, Gomer, how long can you stay here in Mayberry?", Andy asked. "Oh, just through next week". "Unfortunately, Goober'll have to keep an eye on it for me until I get a furlough, then I can come back, and it'll be like that from now until I get out." Gomer said. 14 "When do you get out, Gomer?" Andy asked. "Well, as near as I can figure, I still have a year left. That's if I don't reup, an' I ain't decided on that yet. Every time I ask Sergeant Carter about extending my duty, he gets upset at me an' says the Marine Corps will do just fine without me." He reached down an wiggled a wire then turned to Andy and frowned. "Sometimes I get the feelin' Sergeant Carter doesn't like me." 15 Gome, it's too bad you won't be able to aford the lifestyle that goes along with owning a fine car like this! says Barney as he puts his thumbs in his belt loops and rocks back on his heels.. Just TOO bad!

What do you mean Barn? asks Gomer.

Well, it's just that most folks that owns cars like this has the money to go to fine restaurants, fancy hotels, down to the coast, you know, all them high class places!

Goooahhhleee...I never thought of that Barn! said Gome with more than a hint of concern in his voice.

You know what Gome, I just happen to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a real money maker...and I am looking for investors if your interested! says Barney as Andy rolls his eyes. 16 Gomer straightens up and slowly closes the hood while he's thinking, then turns to Barney. "Well, I might be interested, Barney, once I know a little more about it. What's an investor?" The smile fades from Barney's face as he turns to Andy. "Never mind, Gomer. Let's go, Andy," he says and jerks his head toward the courthouse. Andy chuckles. "We'll see you, Gomer," he says and the lawmen head for the jail. Gomer stands there looking at them with his mouth half-open for a couple of seconds before he gets into the car and drives off. 17 Andy and Barney go on in the court house and Andy says "I been thinking that I need to make a few extra dollars, but I'm not sure that's how I want to earn it. I was thinking it's about time I bought Helen a ring. We been dating long enough, and I think it's time we moved on. So, I got to try and figure out how to make some extra money." "Well, Ange." Barney replied, "I really think that you should consider this investment. You can't go wrong." "Just like you didn't go wrong collection coind last week." 18 The courthouse phone rings, Andy answers it: "Sheriff's office. Oh, hi, Ope! Yeah, I've seen Gomer's car, it sure is a nice 'un. No, I'll have to work a few more years 'fore I'm able to afford something like that." Barney cuts in: "No, you won't!", Andy covers the mouthpiece on the phone real fast and gives Barney a hush look. 19

As Andy hangs up, Barney starts in again, "will you for just once listen to what I've got to say without being obtuse, just for once!" "OK Barn", says Andy, "since your bound and determined to tell me about your get rich quick scheme I reckon we might as well get it over with."

Barney spins the chair around and sits down. "Finally your being reasonable! Ange, are you familiar with what the big boys call multi-level marketing? Andy scratches his head and says "no, can't say as I am". Barney takes out a piece of paper and draws a series of little boxes starting with one on the bottom and then buidling into a pyramid. "Just imagine I'm the first box there Andy, and you are one of the boxes in the next row. 20 "Oh! I see" says Andy with a slight grin, "you're gonna strike it big selling boxes!"

21 "Oh, funny you are. Why don't you go grease the steps at the old folk's home? Mr. Yukster you are! You oughta go entertain on a cruise ship somewheres!" Barney snapped. "Well, I don't understand what you're talking about, Barney." replied Andy. 22 "Well I'm trying to explain it to ya, Ange, but I'm not gonna get nowheres if you keep interruptin' me. Now just listen!" Exasperated, Barney turned back to his drawing. He pointed to the first box with the point of his pencil. "Now this is me," he said and penciled BF inside the box. Then he put AT inside one of the two boxes in the next row. "This here is you. Now, we need someone for this other box..." 23 "You sellin' shoes in them there boxes, Barn?" Andy says with a sly smile on his face." No I ain't sellin' shoes in them boxes, smart Alec". replies Barn. "Let me tell ya what I'm talkin' 'bout chere. Inside of this pyramid lies a treasure worth its weight in gold. Gold, did I say gold, ferget what I said about gold. what I'm talkin' 'bout here is BIG! Real BIG! "Is it bigger than a bread basket?" Andy says with an inquisitive look on his face. "There ya go gettin' obtuse again," Barn replies as the vein pops in his forehead," and ya know how I hate that." 24 "Is it buried somewheres in town?", Andy asked. "Yeah, by the lake.", Barney answered. "Let's you, me, Opie, and Gomer go out and find it!", Barney said. "No!", Andy said quickly. "Andy, you don't understand, this could be one of the biggest things to ever happen to us." Andy keeps saying no and ignoring Barney. 25 There's no way Barn can ignore such an opportunity, so he begins to call other folks in Mayberry. "Sarah,Sarah, get me Floyd over at the barber shop." Barney's voice is quivering from the excitement. "And tell him I don't care who's hair he's cuttin,just drop everything and meet me at the diner!" 26

Gomer is showing off his new car to Wally at the gas station..."Gomer, how are you gonna afford such a monstrosity? Why it'll cost you a hundred dollars just to fill the tank." " Why, you see, that's the beauty of the thing," Gomer says,"you see this thing here don't use no gasoline, it runs on air." "Good gosh, Gomer, where did you ever get a crazy notion like that?" says Wally. 27 The fillin' station phone rings and Gomer gets it. Barney is on the other end telling Gomer to meet him at the diner. Later at the diner, Barney is laying out his plan with Gomer and Floyd listening intensly. "Here's what we're going to do: I'll be out there at 5 A.M. tomorrow morning... 28 "Gomer,you're just lucky that call was for you, don't be answering my phone without saying- ah, never mind, now what was that you were saying about running on air?"

"Well," gomer explains, "it's like this... You see this here vehicle has got them new fancy air a compresser in there too,just for em...and you see no matter where you go, the computer always makes sure that the back is up higher than the front...that way you're always coasting downhill, pretty nifty huh?" 29

Gomer leaves the diner in an excited state and gets in the tow truck. "Well, Golly, just thank," he says to himself, repeatedly.


As he pulls up to Wally's Filling Station, he notices that all fo the lights are out. "Wally? Anyone here," he shouts, checking first the front door and then the side one. All of the doors are locked tight. "Well, for..." He feels for his door keys and remembers that he has left them at the Diner.


Driving back to the Diner, he sees that it is now, too, closed. Feeling even more frustrated than a Pyle ought to, he finally pulls the tow truck up to 411 Elm, Barney's address.


Gomer runs up the sidewalk and onto the front porch and knocks on the door, excitedly. Inside, and up the stairs, a high pitched "haaaang onnnn...commmming!" and pattering footsteps are faintly heard. The voice is that of Mayberry's favorite deputy, Barney Fife. (Barney has been on the phone, long distance, with Thelma Lou, who is up in the north country visiting her auntie. Missing their regular Thursday night cashew fudge, Barney is feeling a little bit lonesome without his steady girl. Barn also has a secret nickname for his girl, giving her an initial "L." which preceeds the rest of her name. Word has it that the poet Barney uses the "L" for "Linda," "lovely," and other L's.)


"Barn! Barn!" Gomer yells at the door, as many an early sleeper are roused from their slumbers. "Hey, can you knock it down?" "We're trying to get some sleep here!" Hey can it, Pyle!" are heard throughout the neighborhood just as Barney appears at the door in night gown and night cap.


Eyes wide open upon hearing the turmoil outside, Barney hurriedly pulls Gomer inside, terrified of being associated with any riot of any size, shape, or hue. Walking over to Gomer, who is standing, admiring himself in Mrs. Mendlebright's entry mirror, Barn asks, "what can I do for you Gomer? Ain't it kind of late to be out?" Looking Gomer over a few times, he adds, "You ain't in any trouble are you?".


"Nope...well, yeeea, Barn, I guess you could say that I am in some trouble. You see, it's like theeis. I've been locked out."


"Boy oy boy, Gome," how could you do a thing like that? "


"Wayl, it wasn't too hard, and it didn't take too much thought. Why, I just kind of done it accidental like. Can I spend the night, Barn?"


Barney, silently shuddering at the mere suggestion (having heard from Andy what kind of a house guest Gomer could be), coughed several times before stammering.."well..uhh..sure..sure, Gomer, but well, uh, don't you think that it would be too noisy around here for you?" 30 "That's OK, I probably won't be goin' to sleep for awhile, anyways.", Gomer responded. "Hey, Barn, where'd you get that cannon out yonder?", Gomer asked. "Oh, Andy and I tried to sell it one time, but nobody would take it, so, I got it somehow.", Barney answered yawning. 31

In the meantime, Andy is over at Helen's telling her all about Barney's plan to strike it rich. "Well, it sounds like he is going to do this even though you tried to tell him not too Andy" "I know it," Andy replied, "but maybe this will teach him a lesson." Helen and Andy continue talking until Barney calls wanting to know it Andy had a spare key to Gomer's place. 32 Barney calls and Helen answers and gives the phone to Andy: "Yeah, Barn? "Naw, I don't have a spare key, he just got into town. Hey, maybe Wally does", Andy said. "OK, I'll check the fillin' station." Barney hangs up with Andy and clicks to get Sarah back: "Sarah, get me Wally...Wally, Barney Fife. Do you have a spare key to the station?" Meanwhile, at the fillin' station, Gomer and Barney look for the newspaper that he showed to Andy at his house. 33

You know Barney, something strange is going on here, like one minute I'm here at the gas station, I answer the phone, and then I'm at the diner with you...It's like the time I was shoved out of that closet at the Hinshaw place. "Gomer, for Pete's sake, help me find that ad section in yesterday's paper." "Barney",says Gomer," I just don't understand all this, I'm sure we passed that Rod Serling fellow hitch-hiking when we came back out here." " Gomer," says Barney, "there's probably a leak in the truck's exhast got carbon monoxide poisining,that's what, just sit still a minute...breathe deep and slow. Maybe sit in the truck and play the radio, some nice relaxing music...say Leonard Blush's show should be on about now...he's into all that new age music now...just the thing to get you straight. "Barney, I just got too many things adling up my head right now..."("I know what'd help"...Gomer says to himself)... Gomer pulls a blank 8-track from the small valoose he's been carring around and puts it in the player in the tow truck. ( p.s. Now something you ought to know about Wally's tow truck...Wally believes in having big, expensive,loud, state of the art stereo systems in his vehicles-it drowns out the worrisome mechanical noises. So Gomer puts in this blank 8-track tape and turns up the volume to 11. Suddenly it is absolutely quiet can't even hear yourself think. Barney starts flapping his mouth and waving his arms (noiselessly, as I said) and then ejects the tape from the player-"Quit fooling around Gomer, this here's serious," Barney is finally heard shouting. 34

"What do you mean, do I have a spare key to the station?"...Wally's on the phone with Andy..."Why do you ask me that?" "Well Barney's in an uproar because Gomer's locked out and wants to spend the night with him," says Andy. "Why of course he's locked out,shouts an indignant Wally, Why in the blazes should he have acess to my business, he hasn't worked here in sometime!" "Well, says Andy, I guess I'm a might confused myself, now that you mention it...Barney's got me all distracted with one of his get-rich-quick schemes, and I kinda got caught up in the moment. Something mighty peculiar is going on here...tell you what, I better go track them boys down and see if I can see what's going on here." " You do that sheriff, says Wally, and please think a little more carefully before calling up people at such a god-awful hour, goodnight...I mean good morning sheriff."

When Andy arrives at the filling station, neither Barney or Gomer are there, but apparently Wally also did some thinking about that phone call, because he arrived at the station just a bit after Andy did."Well, says Andy, looks like we got all worked up over nothing." The heck you say, says Wally, just look over there! He is pointing at the side of the garage where he usually keeps odd bits of trash laying about. "What? says Andy, I don't see nothing." " That's the problem. says Wally, there's a whole bunch of cardboard boxes missing, and they took the air that was in em too!"

Later on in the day Barney and Gomer's activities are reported to the sheriffs office. It seems they have been attempting to sell "extra space" to people in cramped conditions. Mr. Schwamp was so offended by their actions, he actually broke his Buddist vow of silence to complain about it. Andy gets the story on the phone..."Andy, I just can't believe it. You know I live in that small trailer house, just cramped full of stuff...well here comes Barney and Gomer knocking on the door and saying-"we know you could use a lot more space, seeing the way you're living here, and we've got just the solution...We can sell you these big empty boxes here, they're just crammed full of extra space, just empty em out where-ever you need it." I slammed the door in their face, what's got in to them sheriff, you better do something about this!"

Well the first thing Andy wanted to do, was see if they had any see if this scheme was a sucess, he might be able to get Helen that ring in record time 35 However, he had a feeling that instead of collecting money from people, he would be giving it back to them. When Andy caught up with Gomer and Barney, they were trying to sell Ms. Clara some of their "famed" boxes. Andy called out, "Barney, you and Gomer quit bothering people, and get on down to the court house." "But Andy," Barney protested. But Andy stood his ground. Later that afternoon, Andy came in with a box and an envelope. "What's that?" asked Barney. "Well," said Andy, "this would be Helen's ring. In the envelope is my new savings plan." "What?!" Barney excliamed. "You see," Andy commented, "I can save and not have to do any investing. The bank does it for me. I opened an account and they invest the money and when the get a dividend, I get interest on my money depending on how much I have in my account. You ought to try it Barney." 36

"Listen Barney,before you go off selling anymore "extra space," I'd like to ask you where you've been getting the goods,... I mean can you show me a receipt or bill of sale or anything?" "Ange, me and Gomer calledthe man about the ad, and then we drove all the way to Mt Pilot last night. The man sold us a francise on the business...We went to work as soon as we could.Look, I've got the paper work right c'here." 37 "Well, you betterbe going back ti Mt. Pilot today and getting out of this deal right now Barney. You are not going to sell empty worthless boxes to people. So just get on back up there and get your money back." "Now Andy, let's talk this over," pleaded Barney, but it was to no avail. "If I go and get the money back, how am I gonna make anything?" Barney sanpped. "I told you Barn, go open a Savings account at the bank. Then all you have to do is evertime you get an extra dollar or two put it in there to draw interest. But enough of that talk for today, I got to get home and get ready for my date with Helen. I'll see ya Barn." saud Andy and he left. 38

Later that night, Andy was over at Helen's and they were sitting on the couch talking, when the phone rang."Hello," Helen answered. "Helen, this is Barney, is Andy there?" "Yes, Barney, hang on just a second." Helen said and handed the phone to Andy. "Yeah Barney, what do you want?" Andy asked. "I want to know about your savings plan." Barney said. "Can't this wait til tomorrow, I was about to give Helen her ring?" Andy asked. "Well, Andy I guess it could, but I really wanted to know about it." Barney lamented. "I'll tell you tomorrow." Andy said and hung up the phone. 39

He stared at the far wall for a moment.

After several seconds Helen asked, "Something important?"

He looked at her. "Naw, just Barney being Barney. You know."

"I certainly do," she replied with a smile. "But you seem nervous tonight. I noticed it earlier," she added. "Is anything wrong?"

"Wrong? Why, heck no," Andy said with a smile. "It's just that there's something I want to say to you, and I don't quite know how to say it." He looked at her and smiled.

Helen frowned. "You've never had trouble saying what's on your mind before, Andy. Just say it." The smile was back.

After a moment's hesitation, Andy said, "Okay, here goes." He gently slid off the sofa down onto one knee in front of Helen.


Andy was just starting to get his words out but his nervousness was getting the best of him. Try as he might, he could just not form the words in his mind that he wanted to tell Helen. Quickly trying to regroup while gathering his thoughts, Andy had noticed some postage stamps on Helen's coffee table. "Hey! I see you got some of those Glenn Ford commemoratives from Talbot", said Andy. Helen replied, "Yes. I bought a few sheets while they still had some left." 41 "Andy," Helen said, "you sure seem nervous and I don't think that you want to talk about stamps." "Well, I did have something that I wanted to ask you." Andy said, as he turned to look Helen in the eyes. "Helen," he said, "I have been thinking that it is about time we made some decisions about our relationship and, well, Helen, would you marry me?" he finally said. "Andy, I don't know what to say." she said and tears flowed down her cheeks. Finally she spoke again, "Andy, I would love to marry you and be your wife." 42 The next morning, Andy went into the offica and found Barney waiting for him. "Ok, Andy, explain this savings plan to me." Barney said. Andy replied, "All you have to do is go over to the bank and open an account. You can put however much money you want into the account. Then when bank gets dividends off of investments in the stock market, you get percentage if that depending on how much is in your account." About that time Thelma Lou came in and was just estactic. "Congratulations, Andy," she said. "I just saw Helen and she was so excited. That ring is beautiful." "Thank you, Thelma Lou. I just hope that Opie is as excited as everyone else is." Andy stated. 43 You see Opie hasn't had a mother figure since,well you know what I mean. "It's hard to talk about his mothers passing" Andy replied with a tear starting to run down his cheek. "Now, now Andy nothing more needs to be said" replies Thel. "If ya need a shoulder to cry on" Thel moves towards Andy. Just as the two embrace, a knock is heard at the door. "Thelma Lou, honey, it's me, Barn!" The two step apart from one another's embrace and Thel walks slowly towards the door. 44

Thelma Lou opened the door and a joyous Barney came bounding in. The look of excitement that he exuded was unmistakable. "Hey, Ange'!", said Barney. "Did you know when you open a savings account at the bank that they give you a free calendar, a pen, and a pocket protector? Check out this nifty ball-point pen, Thelma Lou!" 45 "Watch it, Thel!" The tone in Barney's voice stops her. "There's only one 'Barn' in this town and I'm right here. There's no telling who this impostor might be, so you'd best let me handle it." Barney eases toward the door and slowly puts his hand on the knob. Curious to see who it is himself, Andy moves up beside Barney and watches as he turns the knob. 46 As Barney touches the knob, Warren burst through the door and exclaimed "Just kidding Barney, but how did you like my interpretation of you?" "Well, you really had me going there for a second." Barney said. "You must have really been practicing." Andy steps around and shakes Warren's hand and says, "It's good to see you Warren and we'll visit later, but if you'll excuse me I got to go meet Helen to tell Opie about our engagement." and he left the courthouse. When he got home Helen was on the porch and said "Where were you? I was about to think that you weren't coming." 47 Barney slowly turns the know, which turns, turns, and continues to turn. A look of puzzlement forms on Barn's face, as he turns harder and harder, until finally, the knob falls off of the door in his hands. "I told them to get them high security locking knobs, but they were just wannting to save money. This place is a push over. Trick knobs!"

Exasperatedly, Barney Barney begins to pace. "Well, Barn, it looks like we're trapped in here."

"Trapped? Trapped? Did you say trapped?"

"'s Right" replies Andy.

"Wait, Ange, I just remembered something. This is the courthouse, and there is that back door!"

Hurriedly, the pair make for the back door, only to find someone awaiting them...

48 As Andy walks up on the porch, and hears Helen's voice, he shakes his head to clear the thoughts of what could have happened it he and Barney had been stuck in the court house. He greets Helen and asks "Is Opie inside?" She nods and they go in the house together. Andy calls Opie, "Hey Op come on down here for a minute, we need to talk about something." Opie yells "Coming Paw." Andy put his arm around Helen and they sit down on the couch to wait. "Helen, don't look so worried, Opie likes you and I don't think he will be upset." Andy says as he holds her hand. "Yeah Paw," Opie states as he comes down the stairs 49 "Opie come over here and sit down." Andy states. As he sits Andy says, "Opie you remember the other day when Barney and I were talking about saving money?" "Yes sir." Opie replies. "Well, you know that I opened an account at the bank, but do you know why?" Andy questions. "No sir." Opie says. "I opened that account for two reasons, and the second reason is that I want you to start helping me save some money for doing that remodeling we been talking about. Is that an ok deal? You help me save thew money to make the changes you want to make?" Andy asks. "I think that is a good idea Paw. But what is the first reason for the account?" Opie asks. Andy looks at Helen and then to Opie and says "Well, the other was so that I could use the interest we draw to pay off the ring I bought Helen. So, Opie that is what we wanted to tell you. That we are going to be getting married in a few months." Opie's mouth drops open and he just sits there. 50

"Opie?" "Oh. I'm so surprised... I hope you'll be happy, honest..." Opie ran upstairs. Helen turned her face towards Andy, and her eyes were full of tears. "Oh, Andy. Does he mind?" The tears overflowed, and Andy pulled Helen close to him. "He'll be fine, darling. He's just surprised." Andy pulled out a handkerchief and brushed Helen's tears away. Lightly brushing their lips together, they leaned back on the sofa. 51

Andy gets up to go upstairs and Helen's touches his arm and says, "Let me go talk to him, please." Andy asks are you sure?" Helen shakes her head and walks up the stairs. As she rounds the corner into Opie's room, she hears him talking "God, please help me to be a good son to Pa and Helen. Please let Helen know that I love her and want her to be my new mom. And, God help me to help Pa save the money for the repirs." Helen walks in as he finishes. "Opie, are you alright?" She asks. He looks up and says "Yes ma'am. I didn't mean to run out like that. I really am happy for you and Pa." "Well, I heard your prayer. Is what you prayed for, is that really what you want?" "Yes, I want you to be my mom and I really want to help Pa fix up the house." Helen moves to sit beside hom on the bed and they hug. " Let's go tell your Pa that everything is ok." Helen states as she stands and extends a hand to him. 52

The next day... 53 Andy walks into to court house and sits down at the desk. "Andy, are you really saving money to fix uo your house?" Barney asks. "Well, yeah that is what I had planned on doing, but I will probably have to get a small loan to go with it. That way we can get everything done." "Andy, let me tell you about this idea that Gomer, Warren and I had. It will save you twice as much money as the savings account." Andy stands up and exclaims "Don't tell me that you are gonna start that again!!" and he walks out leaving Barney wide eyed and mouth hanging open. 54

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