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James Best Memorial

Please share your thoughts, well wishes, and memories of the man Mayberry fans think of as Jim Lindsey,
James Best.

April 07, 2015 : Such sad news to learn. Mr Best was such a friend to his fans and he was a blessing to be around. Thoughts of him will always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. We will miss seeing "Jim Lindsey" at Mayberry events but his memory will live on. - Allan

April 07, 2015 : The passing of Mr. Best has left his enormous fan base heavy-hearted. When Mr. Best walked into a room he brought a special sensation that few can bring.He was a huge star and an even bigger friend to his fan's. He will be forever missed !

April 07, 2015 : What a nice man. He made Mayberry Days more memorable. And how talented. RIP Mr. Best

April 07, 2015 : Met Mr. Best about a year ago when he and Dorthy came to Calvert Drive-in in Calvert City, Ky. We spent several hours talking to him. We had a good time visiting with him. So sorry to hear of his passing!

April 07, 2015 : Mr Best was a fine gentleman and wonderful actor. His heart shined through every smile that he seemed to always wear! Loved and admired by his fans, you couldn't help but smile when he was present! RIPA Mr Best and thank you for truly being the best! Michael

April 07, 2015 : I was shocked to read the news about James Best's passing. We last saw him at 2014's Mayberry Days, and he seemed in such good shape and full of life. My condolences to his widow Dorothy and the rest of his family. -- Janet Anderson

April 07, 2015 : iwill miss you iseen you one time at sperryville when I was down therei got a picture of you and flash I love you and will missyou prayers for your family sorry for there loss anna

April 07, 2015 : He was a Great man. We all loved to watch him in action. If you had a bad day you could always count on him to make you laugh. GOD BLESS You will be missed by all who had the chance to watch you.

April 07, 2015 : RIP James Best. We have met you many times at Mayberry days. Always enjoyed seeing you! God bless you you will be missed by many

April 07, 2015 : What special memories James Best left us with, was always fun watching him and Dave Browning acting up during colonel tim's talent show. He will be sorely missed. May God bless and comfort
his family during this time

April 07, 2015 : I have enjoyed meeting James at Hazzard Day at the Hickory Crawdads game, several Mayberry Days, and Hazzard Comes To Galax. It was a pleasure talking to him.

April 07, 2015 : Wonderful actor! He will be missed.

April 07, 2015 : Jimmie was an inspiration to write with and always fun to be around. He was a creative dynamo. I've never known anyone who lived life with greater gusto. No one will ever say that things were in any way dull whenever Jimmie was around. He has left us a lot of wonderful memories of incredibly impressive work and mighty good times. And he has also left behind a passel of very relieved fish!

April 08, 2015 : He was an inspiration and will truly be missed. My mother passed 4 years ago at age 79 and she was in love with Rosco P. Coltrane. She thought he was a fine looking man. I will sure miss his friendship.

April 08, 2015 : so sorry to hear about James Best he will be truly missed love and prayers to his family and friends

April 08, 2015 : I am so glad that James best came to mayberry each year to bring laughter and joy to each and every one of us. He will be missed. Our prayers are with you.

April 08, 2015 : He will be missed by so many people, I loved to watch The Dukes of Hazzard, Prayers go out to his family and friends. I remember sitting down with my grandma and watch the show, it was funny sometimes cause we would get so mad at Rosco for putting The Duke Boy's in jail that we would forget it was just a show. I know my family will miss him deeply. GOD BLESS You Jimmie MAY YOU RIP. From TN.

April 08, 2015 : He instantly won my Mom's heart when Dorothy and he insisted on meeting every passing dog in Mount Airy.

April 08, 2015 : Me and my family and friends enjoyed James Best when he and his bride were in our city for Squad Car Nationals, what a joy spending time with him in N.C.,he was one of my all time favorites. Doug Brewer

April 08, 2015 : Just recently there was a Andy Griffith with "Jim Lindsey" and he was playing his guitar with such joy. This world was a better place because of James Best. You will be missed. Kathy Hamilton

April 08, 2015 : Just recently there was a Andy Griffith with "Jim Lindsey" and he was playing his guitar with such joy. This world was a better place because of James Best. You will be missed. Kathy Hamilton

April 10, 2015 : James Best was a gentle and humble presence in a town that many of us visit every day. It would be a difficult thing to wonder what Mayberry would have been like without him, or any other character we grew to love in our adopted hometown. Because of James Best, it's a question that ill never have to ask. Heaven is going to have to share him with my living room. He belongs in both. Jason Anthony Esq. Richmond Virginia

April 11, 2015 : This is a poem that I wrote about MR. Best. [Goodbye, James Best]. Your last name said it all, you were the best. Because of you, the entire world was blessed. You have left this world at the age of eighty-eight. Your life is something that we should all celebrate. For six years you dazzled us as Rosco P. Coltrane. You died but your reruns will continue to entertain. You starred in a few episodes of Bonanza and twice on the Andy Griffith Show. You entertained us for several decades and all of your fans hated to see you go. Talent should've been your middle name. It's not surprising that you found fame. You starred in a Twilight Zone episode and in Firecreek. You will never be forgotten because you were unique. (Written by Randy Johnson)

April 15, 2015 : God Speed,Roscoe P.Coltrane!!

April 15, 2015 : I got a chance to meet Jim twice. Both times was in his rural hometown of Corydon Indiana. First time was when he was the Grand Marshall of the popcorn festival. Then lastly last year at a signing.

April 16, 2015 : It was an honor to take care of you in your last hours of your stay here on this earthly world. I will truly treasure it! I've always enjoyed watching you on tv. May God bless your family and my prayers are with you all. You will be missed James Best but never forgotten! Heidi(Hickory NC)

April 18, 2015 : Thanks for the Memories James Best, You were one of a kind , And one of the best, You will be truly Missed. R.I.P. James Best

May 13, 2015 : Thanks so much for all the great memories Mr. Best. The World is a much better place for having you in it. Tell Andy, Barney and all the rest hello and I will see you again someday.

Mark Craver
High Point

May 13, 2015 : We had the honor of meeting Mr. James Best about 5 or 6 years ago in Mt. Dora, FL. He was making a personal guest appearance at "Uncle Al's" Collectibles store. We had a chance to sit down and speak with him for a little while. He told us some stories about Andy Griffith and how they enjoyed playing the guitar together. We always enjoy watching any reruns featuring Mr. Best. We were surprised to see him in so many other shows too.
Thanks for the memories Mr. Best. God Speed and Rest In Peace.
Don & Cherie Lorentz
Holiday, FL

May 14, 2015 : I loved the Andy Griffith show with Jimmie playing a guitar
player. I saw him in other movies or on TV after that.He seemed like such a nice guy. God Bless his wife Dorothy and all his family. We were all blest to have him for so long. The only thing better would be, to have him longer.
E. Powell Colorado

May 18, 2015 : What a wonderful Man, last year (2014) Mayberry days, Mr. Best was going to sign autographs, and the doors were still locked, and had an audiences of about 20 of us, and he had us all laughing so hard and telling us about him and James Stewart working together! Thanks for all the wonderful laughs with Boss Hog! May the Lord give Dorothy and all the family his peace! Jim Sherrill Virginia Beach

May 19, 2015 : Thanks for the memories Mr. Best. I just visited Mt. Airy NC. It was a wonderful experience. Saw the episode "The Guitar Player" at the museum. It was great!!!

Tell Andy, Barney, and Floyd Hello!!!
Chris (Rome GA)

June 25, 2015 : Mr. Best was a great actor and is sorely missed. I enjoyed his many roles, especially as "Roscoe" and "Jim Lindsey" - John C.