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Two Chairs No Waiting 181: The Andy Griffith Show in the Future

Two Chairs No WaitingHost: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:17:12

You may not know it but there is an online community built around The Andy Griffith Show called iMayberry Community.  I started it about three months ago, as of this writing, to encourage fans of Mayberry to come together and form an online version of Mayberry.

Today we had out 300th towns person move to the iMayberry Community so, as Floyd might say, “Everything’s okay…in iMayberry.”

An interesting conversation is happening online and it goes along with things that have been on my mind of late so I thought we would visit and discuss it.  The question asked was, “I wonder if The Andy Griffith Show will still have a following 25 years from now?”

That’s a question that I hope and pray I know the answer to but I want to add to that, “How many folks out there in the world love The Andy Griffith Show but don’t know they aren’t alone?”

What are you doing to spread the joy of Mayberry?  Do you tell folks about the websites, podcasts, newletters, and the daily e-mail digest?  Do you tell fellow Andy Griffith Show fan that all those things are on the web for the taking and, to top it off, they’re free?

Are you doing things to make sure that in 25 years people will still be smiling and experiencing  the same warm, family friendly, joy that is Mayberry?

This is a challenge to you.  Today, go out and make sure some Mayberry fan in your life finds out that there are more people in this world that love The Andy Griffith Show than they know.  They range in ages from 5 to 95 and above.  They’re men, women, girls, and boys.  They are the people that make this world a better place and there are more than they might thing.

Tell them about this podcast.  Tell them about iMayberryCommunity.com.  Tell them about ALL the ways they can stay in touch with fellow fans.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or the telephone (Sarah can help you if you need it).  However you can tell them, get the word out because there can NEVER be too much Mayberry in this world and it’s up to us to share what we’ve enjoyed with our friends so they can join in the fun.

So, head out there and spread the word.  “Everything’s okay….in Mayberry!”

Follow me on Twitter if you use twitter. I’ve been posting Mayberry things there as another way to let folks know about The Andy Griffith Show.

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