Trivia Questions - Mayberry Days 2000
These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest for 2000..
NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question.Simply drag your cursor over the area following
"---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.
There were 23 questions this year and they're all listed below. These are the SuperBowl of Mayberry Trivia so don't feel bad if you miss 'em.

  1. Who told Aunt Bee that Einstein was a high school dropout?
    ---- Answer: Mr. Foley Episode #103

  2. How much cash was in Aunt Bee's purse when it was stole at the carnival?
    ---- Answer: $16.00. Episode #159

  3. Name Sam Becker's wife
    ---- Answer: Lillie Episode #29

  4. What member of Mayberry Choir sings Barney's lines into a live microphone backstage while Barney is singing softly into a dead microphone?
    ---- Answer: Glen Cripe Episode #52

  5. What was "Doc" Malloy's first name?
    ---- Answer: Clarence Episode #50

  6. What was female escaped convict Naomi's last name?
    ---- Answer: Connors Episode #74

  7. What is Mayberry Code #785?
    ---- Answer: False Alarm

  8. What was the number of the decoy armored truck that was supposably loaded with gold while passing through Mayberry?
    ---- Answer: Number 75 Episode #102

  9. According to Barney what is a 42-J?
    ---- Answer: Character Report Episode #154

  10. What Mayberry citizen won't admit to having two sets of false teeth?
    ---- Answer: Cecil GurneyEpisode #99

  11. What was the month, date, and year that Andy "beat Barney to the punch" in escorting the state's Queen of the Apricot Festival?
    ---- Answer: June 23, 1952

  12. According to Andy, what is the distance from Frank Myer's house to the Mayberry hotel?
    ---- Answer: About 6 Blocks Episode #39

  13. In what year did "Rotten Ray" Anckrum come down from the hills and burn the town of Mayberry down?
    ---- Answer: 1870 Episode #113

  14. According to Andy, what was Paul Revere's horse's name?
    ---- Answer: Nellie Episode #86

  15. Barney deputizes Gomer while Andy is on vacation. Gomer ticketed who for parking their car in front of Martinelli's Meat Market curing "No Parking" hours?
    ---- Answer: Bunny Caldwell Episode #118

  16. What is Mayberry's ordinance 115?
    ---- Answer: Parking next to a fire hydrant Episode #87

  17. What was Orville Hendricks (butter and egg man) wife's name?
    ---- Answer: Martha Episode #154

  18. How long did Aunt Bee live in Morgantown, West Virginia?
    ---- Answer: 5 Years Episode #159

  19. What is the Monday special at Morelli's Restaurant?
    ---- Answer: Creamed Chicken Episode #155

  20. What did Johnny Paul win in the ring toss at the carnival?
    ---- Answer: Baseball Bat Episode #158

  21. What was the month, day and year that Floyd punched Mr. Foley in the nose? Barney discovers this information from assault case that never went to trial.
    ---- Answer: August 9, 1946 Episode #152

  22. Barney has decided to try his hand at selling real estate after an enthusiastic meeting at the diner with what Mayberry Realtor?
    ---- Answer: Mr. Slummer Episode #143

  23. The Carters and the Wakefields have feuded for more that 87 years. When Mr. Carter's daughter and Mr. Wakefield's son decided to have Andy marry them, the ceremony is stopped at gun point by their fathers. Name the son and daughter.
    ---- Answer: #327 Episode #68

  24. How long does it take Goober to take a carburetor apart? ( be precise)
    ---- Answer: Hannah and Josh Episode #8