Trivia Questions - Mayberry Days 2001
These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest for 2001.
NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question.Simply drag your cursor over the area following
"---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.

  1. How much does Fred Goss charge to clean Andy's dress suit?
    ---- Answer: $1.00 Episode #58

  2. What was Sam Becker's son Andy's weight at birth?
    ---- Answer: 8lbs. 9oz. Episode #29

  3. Where did Opie's new friend Trey Bowden live before moving to Mayberry?
    ---- Answer: Erie Pennsylvania Episode #110

  4. What is the Monday special at Morellis Restaurant?
    ---- Answer: Creamed Chicken Episode #155

  5. Neton Monroe has a cousin who is a dental technician, what is his name?
    ---- Answer: Gilbert Episode #156

  6. In what high school class did Aunt Bee receive straight A's?
    ---- Answer: Chemistry Episode #157

  7. Jud Fletcher was once charged with throwing a checkerboard and checkers at whom?
    ---- Answer: Chester Jones Episode #16

  8. When Opie comes to 5th and Elm on his way to school how far is he from his destination?
    ---- Answer: 3 Blocks Episode #34

  9. According to Barney whose records have that certain effect on Thelma Lou?
    ---- Answer: Cole Porter Episode #49

  10. Aunt Bee once buys an apron from Bert Miller. What did she pay for the apron?
    ---- Answer: 87 cents Episode #54

  11. Who's clothes did Barney wear while posing as Mrs. MacGruder's cousin?
    ---- Answer: Mrs. Kelsey Episode #78

  12. What is Mrs. Lesh's telephone number in Mt. Pilot?
    ---- Answer:  MP-3791 Episode #90

  13. Who was Mayberry's mortician/TV V repairman?
    ---- Answer: Orville Monroe Episode #3

  14. Who sold his gas station to Ed Sawyer?
    ---- Answer: George Sapperly Episode #10

  15. According to Barney, who is the biggest gossip Mayberry?
    ---- Answer: Viola Slatt Episode #99

  16. Name the road that Harry's Trout Pond is located on?
    ---- Answer: Miles Episode #129

  17. Name Andy's second cousin that is a wiper on an oil tanker?
    ---- Answer: Todd Episode #129

  18. Barney once read a book called Psychic Phenomena, who wrote this book?
    ---- Answer: Dr. Merl Osmond Episode #142

  19. How long did Henry Gilley date Tyla Lee Vernon before he proposed?
    ---- Answer: 16 years Episode #114

  20. According to Andy who can only sing high after a fight with his mother?
    ---- Answer: Bruce Flowers Episode #116

  21. In what city was Lydia Crosswaithe born?
    ---- Answer: Greensboro Episode #68

  22. What size socks does Barney wear?
    ---- Answer: 10 1/2 Episode #54

  23. How many square miles are in the county of Mayberry?
    ---- Answer: 267 Square Miles Episode #5

  24. What size shoe does Barney wear? Be Specific!
    ---- Answer: 7 1/2B Episode #15