Trivia Questions
Mayberry Days 2002

These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest on September 27, 2002.
Our thanks to the "Hearty Eatin' Men and Beautiful Delicate Women" Chapter of Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the questions.
NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question. Simply drag your cursor over the area following "---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.

There were 22 questions this year, however the final questions was worth 2 stickers. Congratulations to 3 time champion Pat for successfully answering ALL 22 questions correctly!

  1. Opie once donated the lowest amount to the Underprivileged Children's Drive. Who contributed the second lowest amount? (Episode 5)
    ---- Answer: Roy Pruitt


  2. Ed Sawyer, a stranger in Mayberry, arouses the suspicion the town folk when he seems to know every intimate detail of their lives. Ed had served in the army with Mayberry native and had always enjoyed hearing about his buddy's hometown. Name Ed's buddy. (Episode 10)
    ---- Answer: Joe Larson


  3. According to Andy, his boat sank in a fishing contest with himself, Barney, and Henry Bennett, because someone improperly caulked the boat. Who was this person? (Episode 49)
    ---- Answer: Earlie or Earl Gilley


  4. Wally, owner of the filling station, has a married daughter. Name her. (Episode 140)
    ---- Answer: Verdi


  5. A Mount Pilot repairman once charged Aunt Bee how much to put in a fuse for Andy's refrigerator? (Episode 120)
    ---- Answer: $7


  6. Give the day, month, and year that Andy "beat" Barney to the "punch" in escorting the queen of the Apricot Festival. (Episode 110)
    ---- Answer: June 23, 1952


  7. Name the road where Rafe Hollister lives. (Episode 83)
    ---- Answer: Willow Creek Road


  8. Opie protests when he has to stay with Miss Marker, a neighbor, because she feeds him what? (Episode 96)
    ---- Answer: Grits and prunes


  9. What is Mayberry Municipal code 404-B? (Episode 145)
    ---- Answer: Public drunkenness and disorderly conduct


  10. Where did Malcom Merriweather find Andy's long-missing police cap? (Episode 89)
    ---- Answer: Back of the cupboard


  11. Where did Arnold Winkler and his family live before moving to Mayberry? (Episode 84)
    ---- Answer: Raleigh


  12. Who always brings his Mother to the dances in Mayberry? (Episode 105)
    ---- Answer: Nate bushy


  13. According to Andy, who raises prize-winning pigs on his farm? (Episode 5)
    ---- Answer: Jonas Conway


  14. Who always wins the sack race at the church picnic? (Episode 7)
    ---- Answer: Jim Summers


  15. What is song number 12 in the Mayberry Band's brown book? (Episode 72)
    ---- Answer: Stars and Stripes Forever


  16. Why does Mayberrian Earl Johnson leave his car keys in the ignition all the time? (Episode 78)
    ---- Answer: Because they broke off and can't be removed


  17. Name Frank Myers pet chicken. (Episode 39)
    ---- Answer: Hazel


  18. Goober once bought a roll of copper tubing at a police auction in Mount Pilot. What did he pay for it? (Episode 142)
    ---- Answer: $0.30


  19. What is the monthly mortgage payment that Lester Scobey pays to Ben Weaver? (Episode 28)
    ---- Answer: $52.50


  20. What time and day of the week does the Esquire Club in Raleigh meet? (Episode 42)
    ---- Answer: 8:00 p.m. on Thursday


  21. What month and year did Barney receive his first revolver as a Deputy? (Episode 106)
    ---- Answer: August of 1953


  22. The Mayberry Giants are to play the Mount Pilot Comets in the biggest baseball game of the year. The winner of the game will advance to the State Championship in Raleigh. At the last minute, the home plate umpire takes ill and Goober, who is the coach of the Mayberry Giants asks Andy to replace him. Name the umpire Andy replaces. (Episode 195)
    ---- Answer: Earlie Gilley