Trivia Questions
Mayberry Days 2003

These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest on September 26, 2003.
Our thanks to the "Hearty Eatin' Men and Beautiful Delicate Women" Chapter of Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the questions.
NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question. Simply drag your cursor over the area following "---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.

There were 23 questions this year. Congratulations to 4 time champion Pat for successfully defending her crown!

  1. On a quiet Sunday morning Malcolm Tucker, the owner of Tucker Industries in Charlotte, experiences car trouble two miles outside of Mayberry. What is the highway number that Mr. Tucker has car trouble? (Episode 77)
    ---- Answer: Highway 43


  2. Who called Aunt Bee and told her there was a car inside the courthouse? (Episode 144)
    ---- Answer: Eleanor Schroder


  3. How much does Doc Andrews charge per visit? (Episode 87)
    ---- Answer: $5.00


  4. Who invites Andy and Barney to present themselves for membership at the prestigious and exclusive Esquire Club in Raleigh? (Episode 42)
    ---- Answer: Roger Courtney


  5. John Masters, the Mayberry choir director lives on what street? (Episode 52)
    ---- Answer: Elm Street


  6. Who in Mayberry will not admit to having two sets of false teeth? (Episode 99)
    ---- Answer: Cecil Gurney


  7. Ed Sawyer from New York served in the Army with Mayberry native Joe Larson and had always enjoyed hearing about his buddy's hometown. Name Joe Larson's parents? (Episode 10)
    ---- Answer: Pete and Edie


  8. What grade was Andy and Barney in when they first started hanging out together? (Episode 110)
    ---- Answer: Fourth Grade


  9. What is the code number for a U-Turn in Mayberry? (Episode 106)
    ---- Answer: Code "911"


  10. Miss Crump once made a mistake in transcribing Opies grades with all A's. Andy brags that he should photograph Opie's report card and show it to who? (Episode 103)
    ---- Answer: Edgar Beasley


  11. The Miracle Salve Company is located in an office building in Mt. Pilot. What is the room number? (Episode 122)
    ---- Answer: 106


  12. What is Andy's usual fee for performing a marriage? (Episode 88)
    ---- Answer: $2


  13. What is the cost of Morrelli's restaurant deluxe special consisting of pounded steak ala Morrelli? (Episode 132)
    ---- Answer: $1.85


  14. Who once offered Andy a job with the Hogarth Detective Agency in Raleigh? (Episode 137)
    ---- Answer: Herb Mason


  15. At what university did Elinor Walker earn her degree in pharmacy? (Episode 6)
    ---- Answer: Bernard University


  16. A young lady from Mayberry was voted most likely to become charming at Miss Wellington's School for girls in Raleigh, name her. (Episode 20)
    ---- Answer: Darlene Swanson


  17. What was Aunt Bee's jar number at the county fair pickle contest?. (Episode 43)
    ---- Answer: 11


  18. Name Mayor Stoner's wife. (Episode 75)
    ---- Answer: Mabel


  19. Luke Comstock owns a chain of television repair stores in what city? (Episode 80)
    ---- Answer: Cleveland


  20. How long did shy Mayberrian Henry Gilley date Tyla Lee Vernon before he finally got the nerve to propose? (Episode 114)
    ---- Answer: 16 years


  21. What was the identification number of the airplane Aunt Bee took flying lessons in? (Episode 242)
    ---- Answer: N59558


  22. Barney tries his hand at selling real estate and claims Andy could sell his home for what amount? (Episode 143)
    ---- Answer: 24,000


  23. Name Clara Edward's son. (Episode 154)
    ---- Answer: Gale