Trivia Questions
Mayberry Days 2012

These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest on September 28, 2012.
Our thanks to the "Hearty Eatin' Men and Beautiful Delicate Women" Chapter of Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the questions.
NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question. Simply drag your cursor over the area following "---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.

There were 20 questions this year. Congratulations to MULTI-time champion Pat!

  1. What is Thelma Lou’s house number? (Episode 105)
    ---- Answer: 830


  2. What is the street number of Weaver’s Dept. Store? (Episode 117)
    ---- Answer: 501


  3. Opie accidentally kills a song bird with his slingshot leaving three young bird’s without a mother. Opie decides he will act as surrogate mother and names the bird’s Wynken, Blynken and Nod. When the bird’s mature, what order does Opie release them? (Episode 101)
    ---- Answer: Nod, Wynken, and Blynken


  4. It’s Christmas season and Andy and Barney are receiving Christmas card’s. One of these card’s is from the three Hubacker brother’s, which one of the brother’s is the baby? (Episode 11)
    ---- Answer: Elmer


  5. Aunt Bee, Andy and Barney put on a “Save the Scobey House Fund” rummage sale. At the sale Barney tryes to push a coat off on a guy named Bill by telling him the coat was imported from where? (Episode 28)
    ---- Answer: Richmond


  6. What is the license number of Mayberry mortician Orville Monroe’s hearse? (Episode 13)
    ---- Answer: M12233


  7. Ellie is using an old copper wash boiler to display hand soap, what is the price of the soap? (Episode 14)
    ---- Answer: 6 for 39 cents


  8. Who is seen holding a copy of the Press Herald with a hole in it? (Episode 34)
    ---- Answer: Barney


  9. Andy, Barney and Gomer are looking around the abandoned old Rimshaw house. Gomer suddenly disappears, where did Andy say Gomer probably went? (Episode 98)
    ---- Answer: Back to the car


  10. Wally fires Gomer which puts him out of both a job and a home because his living quarter’s were in a back room at the station. Andy asks Gomer to stay at the Taylor’s until he finds a new job. Gomer decides to do some chores for the family to earn his keep. Gomer’s sawing wakes Andy up at what time? (Episode 97)
    ---- Answer: 11PM


  11. Who said he taught Andy how to shoot his ”first 22?” (Episode 129)
    ---- Answer: Uncle Ollie


  12. Helen Crump teaches her student’s how to waltz in order for them to keep alive the tradition of community dancing, which was a large part of the social life of their ancestors. Where did Miss Crump say the pioneer’s held their dances? (Episode 132)
    ---- Answer: At the meeting hall


  13. Three female convict’s Big Maude Tyler, Jalene Naomi Conners, and Sally have escaped from State Prison and are holed up at O’Malleys lake side cabin. What was Naomis prison number?  (Episode 74)
    ---- Answer: 5831


  14. Opie and Billy Crenshaw arrive at Doakes Grocery Store simultaneously to apply for a job that is posted in the store window. Mr. Doakes decides to hire both boy’s for one week. At the end of the week, the more productive worker will be kept on. What is the first assignment Mr. Doakes gives Opie and Billy? (Episode 161)
    ---- Answer: Stack Can’s


  15. Belmont Picture Studios sends Andy a one thousand dollar check for the right to use his name. The Taylor’s decide to use the money for a trip to Hollywood. They take Southern Buss lines to get to the airport in Raleigh and fly T.W.A. to Hollywood. What was the tag number of the Southern Buss line bus? (Episode 166)
    ---- Answer: W73980


  16. Who once called Aunt Bee “ Miss Gadabout?” (Episode 230)
    ---- Answer: Clara

  18. The Taylor’s are sight-seeing in Hollywood, they come upon Cesar Romeros house. What is the address of Mr. Romeros house? (Episode 167)
    ---- Answer: 505 Beverly Drive


  19. Willis Spooner, who’s mother Louise is a friend of Aunt Bee, is planning on enrolling at a small college in Hartford Connecticut. What school did Aunt Bee want Willis to attend? (Episode 231)
    ---- Answer: Yale


  20. According to Barney, who is the Gal Friday at the Raleigh Police Bureau? (Episode 211)
    ---- Answer: Miss Clark


  21. Opie sets up a lemonade stand in Crowley’s vacant lot. What does Opie charge for a large lemonade? (Episode 54)
    ---- Answer: Three cents