Trivia Questions - Mayberry Days '98
These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest for 1998.
They are presented here in no particular order.
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NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question. Simply drag your cursor over the area following "---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.

There were 27 questions this year and they're all listed below.

  1. In Cousin Virgil, Otis is locked in his cell and can't be released because Virgil ruined the keys. Otis wants to get out of the cell in order to make a job interview with the man who runs the feed store. What is the man's name with whom Otis has an appointment?
    ---- Answer: Oscar Skinner

  2. Name the friend of Aunt Bee's who passed away, whom she mentioned at the beginning of Aunt Bee's Medicine Man.
    ---- Answer: Augusta Finch

  3. Barney once set Andy up with a blind date named Melinda Keefer. What city was Melinda Keefer from?
    ---- Answer: Detroit

  4. Otis once bought a car, but decided to sell it. Who did Otis sell his car to?
    ---- Answer: Charlie Varney

  5. What was the name of Andy and Barney's 4th grade teacher?
    ---- Answer: Miss Moran

  6. What are the names of the two farmers who sold produce on the side of the road, and threatened Barney when he told them to move on?
    ---- Answer: Matt and Neal

  7. Opie gave the smallest amount (3¢) to the Underprivileged Children's Fund. Name the boy who gave the 2nd smallest amount, and in fact was one of the underprivileged children.
    ---- Answer: Roy Pruitt

  8. What was the nickname given to Mrs. Von Roeder by Andy and Barney?
    ---- Answer: The beast of the fourth floor

  9. Who is the postmaster who argued with Barney about which wanted posters he could have to put on the post office bulletin board?
    ---- Answer: Talbot

  10. What establishment in Mount Pilot is located between an ice cream parlor and a dance studio (not sure about the specifics on this one)?
    ---- Answer: The Mount Pilot Judo School (Mr. Izamoto's place)

  11. Give the TWO reasons why Otis stopped buying moonshine from the Gordon Boys.
    ---- Answer: They lowered their quality, and he found somebody who delivers. (They said it was because they raised their prices, but Otis denied it.)
  12. According to Barney, who is the biggest gossip in town?
    ---- Answer: Viola Slatt

  13. What is the name of the President of the Ladies League, who introduced Rafe Hollister at the annual Ladies League Musicale?
    ---- Answer: Mrs. Dennis

  14. When "bad boy" Ronald Bailey was arrested for reckless driving, where was he headed at the time?
    ---- Answer: to Miami

  15. Give the full name of the lady who Andy crowned Miss Mayberry at the Founders' Day Beauty Pageant.
    ---- Answer: Erma Bishop

  16. What item did Fred Goss find in Earley Gilley's pants pocket?
    ---- Answer: A poker chip

  17. What is Lester Scoby's wife's name?
    ---- Answer: Helen

  18. How much did Henry Wheeler charge the Taylors for spraying their roses?
    ---- Answer: $1.65

  19. Which one of the Gordon boys said, "I'll take the Mister Potato set"?
    ---- Answer: Junior

  20. What is the Friday night special on the menu at the diner?
    ---- Answer: catfish casserole

  21. What was Warren referring to when he described it as "darker than the black hole of Calcutta"?
    ---- Answer: Looking down the barrel of the cannon

  22. According to Floyd, when does Barney come in for his regular haircut?
    ---- Answer: the third Monday of every month

  23. What room in the Mayberry Hotel did Wilbur Hennessey get drunk in and fall out the window?
    ---- Answer: 209

  24. What was Nathan Tibbs' wife's name?
    ---- Answer: Anna

  25. Where did Andy take Karen Moore on their first date, which was to do a little crow shooting?
    ---- Answer: Finnegan Flats

  26. What TV station, and in what city, hosted Colonel Tim's Talent Time?
    ---- Answer: Station WASG in Raleigh

  27. When Andy and Barney were trying to come up with a date for Mary Grace, who is it that Andy suggested, but Barney said would be going to the dance with his mother?
    ---- Answer: Nate Bushey