Trivia Questions - Mayberry Days '99
These are the trivia questions asked at the Mayberry Days Trivia Contest for 1999.
They are presented here in no particular order.
NOTE: Answers are "hidden" at the end of each question.Simply drag your cursor over the area following
"---- Answer:" to reveal the answers one-at-a-time.
There were 24 questions this year and they're all listed below. These are the SuperBowl of Mayberry Trivia so don't feel bad if you miss 'em. The winner this year, Allan Colyar, got 22 questions right and runner up, Kevin Mullins, got 21.

  1. Johnny Paul Jason claims eating burnt food will give you what?
    ---- Answer: A good singing voice. Episode #65

  2. What Mayberry business is located at 501 Main Street?
    ---- Answer: Weavers Department Store. Episode #117

  3. Andy has a friend in the States Attorney's Office who sent lawyer Bob Rogers to Mayberry to learn law enforcement procedures from Andy. Name this friend of Andy's.
    ---- Answer: Ralph Baker Episode #33

  4. Barney gets an old shaggy dog name Blue in order to track escaped convict Ralph Neal. From whom did Barney get Blue?
    ---- Answer: Henry Choate Episode #128

  5. Floyd, Barney, and Goober receive chain letters in the mail. Floyd admits to Barney that it was he who had forwarded the letter to the Deputy. Goober mails two copies of the letter, one to Gomer and the other to who?
    ---- Answer: His Aunt Floy Episode #146

  6. Barney once mentions that he learned how to crochet from his Mother. In fact, he'd thought of crocheting an afghan for Andy. It would feature the official state colors and have what words on it?
    ---- Answer: Bless This House

  7. While Wally is away, Gomer allows the Hanson brothers to park their car inside Wally's building. Name the two brothers.
    ---- Answer: Jed and Prothro Episode #85

  8. Ben Sewell, a moonshiner and potato farmer lives on what road?
    ---- Answer: Hash or Ash Road Episode #17

  9. While fishing, Andy,Opie, Barney, and Floyd witness Elizabeth Crowlay from Washington, D.C. going 70 mph in a 45 mph zone. What was Miss Crowley's occupation?
    ---- Answer: Magazine Reporter Episode #35

  10. Andy has a second cousin who is a wiper on an oil tanker, name him?
    ---- Answer: Todd Episode #129

  11. What is the Friday night special at the diner?
    ---- Answer: Catfish Casserole

  12. Aunt Bee has a cousin Edgar in Mount Pilot, what was Edgar's wife's name?
    ---- Answer: Maude Episode #23

  13. According to Andy, who "Wrote the book on fishing?
    ---- Answer: Isaac Walton Episode #64

  14. How many years did shy Mayberrian Henry Gilly date Tyla Lee Vernon before he proposed?
    ---- Answer: 16 years Episode #114

  15. What does Andy give Fred and Jennie Boone for successfully graduating from his counseling session?
    ---- Answer: Sweet Cider Episode #18

  16. Gomer is a house guest of the Taylor's and turns out to be a real nuisance. He talks throughout a favorite TV Episode at the Taylor's about a man and his dog. Name the show.
    ---- Answer: Shep and Ralph Episode #97

  17. According to Barney, Leonard Blush does all the vocals on what show?
    ---- Answer: Ethel Page Organ Recital Episode #116

  18. What is song number 12 in the Mayberry band's brown book?
    ---- Answer: Stars and Stripes Forever Episode #72

  19. Mayberry has elected a new mayor, a strict administrator by the name of Roy Stoner. Mayor Stoner pays a visit to the Courthouse and notices a baby in cell #2. Andy explains that Mrs. Ambrose often ask him and Barney to watch her son. What is the sons name?
    ---- Answer: Jeremy Episode #69

  20. State Police Investigator Mr. Horton come to Mayberry in search of Charles "Doc" Malloy and his accomplice. The pair are wanted by the F.B.I. for committing two crimes. Crime number one was interstate flight. What was crime number two?
    ---- Answer: Stealing the payroll from a furniture factory Episode #50

  21. Who buys an old copper wash boiler from Walker's Drugstore?
    ---- Answer: Ralph Mason Episode #14

  22. While writing a littering citation to a seemingly harmless stranger, Barney inadvertently aids in the capture of an escaped convict named Eddie Brooke. Eddie is supposed to be serving a twenty-year prison sentence in what city?
    ---- Answer: Atlanta Episode #30

  23. What is Skippy's Mount Pilot phone number?
    ---- Answer: #327 Episode #68

  24. How long does it take Goober to take a carburetor apart? ( be precise)
    ---- Answer: 38 minutes 12 seconds