Created by Allan Newsome
Version 1.1, June 3, 1998


The Andy Griffith Show - Theme v1.1 is, as you might guess, a TAGS desktop theme designed for Microsoft Plus! for Microsoft Windows 95. This theme includes recycle bin icons, TAGS wallpaper, TAGS system sounds and much more! There are many sound files that can't be assigned and saved as part of the automatic desktop setup in Microsoft Plus! To use these files you will need to manually select the sounds for use on your computer. (The files were originally created as part of a "Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board" Chapter of "The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club" desktop so the file names are proceeded by WBMUTBB.)

Changes from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1

The only change the Theme is the creation of an executable file to automate the installation of the Theme itself. This file has also been updated to reflect the changes in installation procedures. There are no other constructive changes.


Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95, an unzip program with support for long filenames like WinZip from Nico Mak Computing (Available from A screen resolution of 800x600 pixels or higher with 256 colors or more is recommended to get the best quality. People running Microsoft Windows 3.1 may be able to use certain parts of this theme to enhance their desktop by manually assigning the sounds, pictures etc. to the appropriate items.

Archive contents

File Description
The Andy Griffith Show - Theme.theme Configuration file for TAGS - The Theme
TAGS Setup Help.rtf Documentation in Rich Text Format (This file)

WBMUTBB Ani-Squad Car cursor.ani Animation of Squad Car cursor
WBMUTBB Barber Pole Ani-Cursor.ani Animation of Barber Pole cursor

WBMUTBB Bullet Cursor.cur Bullet cursor
WBMUTBB Emblem Pointer.cur Squad Car Emblem Pointer

WBMUTBB BARN_COL.ico Barney’s head Icon in color
WBMUTBB Courthouse Doors.ico Courthouse Doors Icon (My Computer)
WBMUTBB Empty Wastebasket.ico Empty Pickle Jar
WBMUTBB Full Wastebasket.ico Full Pickle Jar

WBMUTBB Bye Barney.wav Andy: "Bye Barney"
WBMUTBB Close Program.wav Computer Sound effect
WBMUTBB Critical Stop.wav Computer Sound effect
WBMUTBB Exit Windows.wav Barney: "Trivial Trivialities"
WBMUTBB Got the mail did ya.wav Andy: "Got the mail did ya?"
WBMUTBB Happy Motoring.wav Barney: "Thanks and happy motoring."
WBMUTBB Hello Doll.wav Fun Girl: "Hello doll."
WBMUTBB Here I am.wav Barney: "Here I am."
WBMUTBB Learn to love em.wav Andy: "Learn to love ‘em."
WBMUTBB Make more Kerosene Cucumber.wav Barney: "……more of them kerosene cucumbers?"
WBMUTBB Marmalade Jar Tone.wav Sound of Andy replacing the lid of marmalade.
WBMUTBB Open Program.wav Computer Sound Effect
WBMUTBB Shazam.wav Gomer: "Shazam."
WBMUTBB Sheriff Taylor Speaking.wav Andy: "Hello, Sheriff Taylor speaking."
WBMUTBB Whos been messin up the bb.wav Barney: "……messin’ up the bulletin board?
WBMUTBB Windows Start Up.wav TAGS Theme

WBMUTBB TAGSBackground.jpg Wallpaper for TAGS Theme


  1. Unzip the archive ( using an unzip program that supports long filenames like WinZip (Available from to a temporary directory (ie. c:\atheme). The temporary directory will contain two files, TAGS Setup Help.rtf and TAGSTheme.exe, the first of which is this file and the second is the self installing archive of the theme.
  2. To install The Andy Griffith Show Desktop Theme, double click on the TAGSTheme.exe file. This file will automatically be targeted to C:\ on your computer and will install the files to the C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes directory. You may change the target directory from C: but this is not recommended unless your MS Plus installation was non-standard.
  3. You should now be able select the " The Andy Griffith Show - Theme" from your MSPlus desktop themes control located in your control panel and enjoy Mayberry on your desktop.
  4. You may also delete the temporary directory discussed in step #1 though you might want to save the file somewhere for future use.


This theme may be distributed freely so long as all files are kept together, no modifications are made and no money is ever charged for the theme in any form.


This theme is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Andy Griffith, Mayberry Enterprises, or The Andy Griffith Show.

Credits / Copyrights

Contacting the author

If you have any suggestions or additions regarding this theme, you can contact me at one of the following addresses:

Snail Mail:
Allan Newsome
12119 Chicamauga Trail
Huntsville, AL 35803

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World Wide Web: (TAGSRWC web site) (WBMUTBB web site)