We all know that Barney had to maintain his "sharp shooting" qualification to remain a Deputy Sheriff and that he couldn't have done it without his lucky rabbits foot. Now's your chance to see how YOU would do in this contest of skill.

The object of this test is simple...fire five shots at a target and have all five bullets go through the same bullet hole. Sounds easy doesn't it? You're about to see that being a Deputy in Mayberry is a game you better be "in for keeps" cause this takes skill.

The directions for this contest are can be read by clicking the "help" button on the applet. Be sure to read them to give yourself a fair "shot" at making Deputy status. A score of .2 or lower is what you need and a score below .1 means you're a real marksman.

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It will take about 1 minute to load..maybe a little more.

Whoops... if you are reading THIS you are not Java capable!

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