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Mayberry Stamp Machine
Need a stamp?Just Touch Your Mouse Cursor to Handle at Right
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If you're using Netscape 3.0, the "Stamp Machine"on the left can actually be played!! Just move your mouse over the handle and watch the action.

Whether you're using Netscape 3.0 or not, you can still enjoy the quote below. Our thanks to Dale Robinson for supplying the "exact" quote to go along with this 'slot machine.'

What follows is the dialogue between Barney and Andy from the Horse Trader about the new stamp machine:
Barney: You know when they put that stamp machine in the post office. That just frosted me!
Andy: That bothered you, did it?
Barney: Yes it did. I don't think it is right for the United States government to be transacting business through a slot machine! I sat down and wrote a letter to the Postmaster General about it.
Andy: Oh, you did?
Barney: Yes I did. I didn't mail it, though.
Andy: Why didn't you mail it?
Barney: I wouldn't buy a stamp from that machine!
Andy: Barney, I'll tell you the truth, You are a bird in this world!

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