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Burke on Mayberry #39 = Mayberry Goes Bankrupt


Burke on Mayberry #39 = Mayberry Goes Bankrupt

Running time: 12:19

Originally airing on October 30, 1961, in this TAGS episode Andy is forced to evict Frank Myers from his home. Later it is discovered that Frank holds a century-old bond believed to be worth $349,119.27. Since the Mayberry treasury holds just over $10,000, the mayor and town council scramble to keep Frank happy by renovating his run-down home. Later, the bond is discovered to be worthless because it was paid for with Confederate currency. Once again the town turns on Mr. Myers, but Andy is able to convince everyone they have done a good deed and should leave it at that. Be sure to visit www.BurkeOnMayberry.com to get the answer to this episode’s trivia question!

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