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Two Chairs No Waiting 44: Listener Feedback 9

Host: Allan Newsome
Running Time: 0:16:15

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Whew!  We have a lot of listener feedback to run through this week.  THANK YOU for writing in and e-mailing. It is great to hear from you.  Bad part is I have so much I can’t read it all on the show…well, that’s a wonderful problem for me to have and I’m thankful for you listening and letting me know you’re out there.

We have several e-mails or comments  so I’ll have to read those to you but we only have one voice mail.  If you get tired of hearing my voice…..call in and leave voice mails so I won’t have to talk so much. 🙂

There are several ways you can communicate with me.

voice mail: you have to listen to hear the number…sneaky ain’t I
e-mail: floyd@iMayberry.com
or leave a comment on the web site iMayberry.com/podcasts/

Thanks for listening and tell your Mayberry friends about us.

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  • Tim Bradshaw January 26, 2013, 7:28 pm

    Always great to hear feedback from fellow Mayberrians ! I’m with Emmett, I wish they could move the Inn back down this way (Carolinas) …just kidding of course, they deserve to enjoy it right where they live! As we all know, Mayberry is a place in our minds ! Ok…I am pumped up now…one day I will go to the Taylor Home Inn ! This will be on my bucket list soon after I retire ! “two clothes pins holding up a pillow case” This was very funny…great Mayberry Humor, way to go Floyd !

    On to # 45

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