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Two Chairs No Waiting 52: Neal Brower Interview Part 3

Host: Allan Newsome
Special Guest: Neal Brower
Running time: 0:18:28

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

This episode marks the end of the first year of Two Chairs No Waiting and what better way to finish my first year than to complete our interview with Neal Brower.

In part three of the interview with Neal Brower as our guest, we move the discussion toward his book “Mayberry 101: Behind the Scenes of a TV Classic.”  That book is labled Volume 1 so Neal answers the question about, where’s volume two?  He also tells us how he came to pen Mayberry 101 in the first place.

We also hear about his Professor Bower’s Lecture series he does each year at Mayberry Days in Mt. Airy, NC.  Neal shares some special memories and many things you may never have heard.

Thank you again to Neal Brower for taking the time to visit with us all here at Two Chairs No Waiting.

Remember to tell folks about our show and don’t please don’t forget to leave comments or ask questions on the iMayberry.com/podcasts website or by using the contact information given in the podcast. We’d love to have you be a part of our next feedback episode.

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  • Mayberry 101 – This book by Neal Brower is must reading for any fan of Mayberry. Neal received substantial input from the writers of the episodes themselves, as well as actors and members of the production crew.
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  • Jenny October 6, 2009, 10:43 pm

    Enjoyed this podcast as much as the last ones with Neal. I appreciate all the time it took for you both to put this together. I have a copy of Mayberry 101, and I really enjoy getting to read all the behind-the-scenes info he shares. Would love to see a Mayberry 101 Volume 1½.

    I’d love to hear a podcast with a visit from ‘The Darling Boys’. Hope it works out for you to have them.

    Thanks for another enjoyable time in Mayberry, Floyd. Blessings!

  • Tim Bradshaw January 27, 2013, 7:09 pm

    Another great interview. It was great that Neal did this book when he did, amazing that he was able to correspond with the writers like Greenbaum and Bullock of the show to get some great information. I would imagine that there are not may shows out there where the writers would even be interested in being involved. Wow, I just finished listening to a whole year of podcast! Interesting about Earl’s son being replaced by a professional finger snapper for the opening music ! I guess the Screen Actors Guild rules!

    On to #53

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