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Burke on Mayberry #78 = Convicts-at-Large


Burke on Mayberry #78 = Convicts-at-Large

Running time: 9:42

In this “The Andy Griffith Show” episode entitled, ‘Convicts-at Large’ which originally aired on December 10, 1962, Barney (a.k.a. “Al”) and Floyd are captured by 3 female “cons.” Andy eventually comes to the rescue!

Be sure to visit BurkeOnMayberry.com to get the answer to this episode’s trivia question!

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  • John Foster May 17, 2010, 8:21 am


    The “Convicts at Large” episode is in my top 5 for sure. Floyd is just hilarious in this episode, at the top of his game! “If these hamburgers are burned, I’m not responsible!”. “Barney, you’re a good dancer!!”. “Better watch it, Al.” All CLASSIC lines!!

    By the way, great job on your podcast. I listen to it every week. usually I’m mowing the lawn or pulling weeds about the time I hear it. I love when you thrown audio snippets from the show in there. We can all laugh together!

    Thanks again,

    John Foster

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