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Two Chairs No Waiting 278: Mayberry on Record, Reversed

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:17:17

Last episode we talked about the episode of The Andy Griffith Show called “Mayberry on Record” and the reversed audio we hear when Mr. Maxwell is rewinding the tape recorder that Barney had just spoken into.  I played around with the audio and tried to pull out some of what was said and challenged some of you audio engineers out there to help us figure out even better what was being said.

Mike Peacock from Indiana rose to the occasion and provided exactly what I had asked for so on this episode we’ll hear Mayberry on Record, reversed!  Thank you so much, Mike, for taking time to do this for all us Mayberry fans.

Paul Mulik wrote in to give us even more information about Mayberry on Record which included the name of the actual album used as the “Mayberry on Record” stand-in during the episode epilogue.  Great information all around about this wonderful TAGS episode.

Finally, we hear from James Robert Phillips, Sr. about “Andy’s Gift” to all fans of The Andy Griffith Show. He had posted his thoughts on a Facebook group and I asked for permission to share it here on the podcast. Thanks to him for allowing the use of his heartfelt Mayberry thoughts.


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