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Mayberry Bible Study Podcast: Opie and the Spoiled Kid

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 1:14:37

Thank you for joining me for the Mayberry Bible Study Podcast.

Download the full lesson plan so you can follow along as you listen to the study.

Lesson Introduction

Opie has become acquainted with a new boy in town named Arnold Winkler. Arnold is a spoiled brat who believes he can get away with anything. When Arnold discovers that Opie gets a mere quarter-a-week allowance and has to do chores to get it, he tells Opie that he’s being taken advantage of. Arnold doesn’t have to work for his allowance and believes that no kid should.

Opie decides to quietly demand that his father raise his allowance to 75 cents (the amount Arnold gets), and he says he should not have to do any chores. Opie is obviously uncomfortable making these demands, and he takes it well when Andy refuses to comply. Arnold tells Opie that “man to man” talks always fail. He advises Opie that throwing a temper tantrum will get him whatever he wishes. Arnold says it always works.

Lesson Points:

Some of the points we’ll hit during this study are below. For a complete list, download the lesson plan.

  • Value of a Good Work Ethic (Gal. 6:7)
  • Letting Ourselves Rule Our LivesArnold
  • Skills of ParentingAndy
  • Learning from MistakesOpie

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