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TCNW 738: Old Time Radio – The New Barber

Two Chairs No Waiting
Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:33:49

In the last few weeks, we heard a flashback from “Floyd” from July 13, 2010 and then the first of our old time radio (OTR) “lost” episode from June 5, 2012 called “Mayberry After Mid-day.”

This week we get to hear the second OTR episode released for episode 500 of Two Chairs on October 16, 2018. The episode is called “The New Barber” was written by Joe Gritton and features Mayberry barber, Floyd Lawson, and door-to-door salesman, Bert Miller along with a few other Mayberry notables. Sit back and use your imagination to picture the goings on in Mayberry while you listen to this “old time radio” program.

These episodes were some of the hardest episodes I’ve ever done because of tall the sound effects, music, editing, voice acting (I do all the voices) and just putting the OTR show together. If you watch the video version of the episode you’ll see the credits at the end showing everyone involved in making “The New Barber.” I think you’ll find the credits funny. I had forgotten them so I laughed when putting this episode together.

I hope you enjoy the episode and it really makes you feel like you’re hearing a lost episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

TCNW 738: Old Time Radio - The New Barber

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