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TCNW 753: Mayberry Days Preview and Stuff

Two Chairs No Waiting
Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:30:22

I have folks ask me all the time how much time the tribute artists spend rehearsing the skits/shows we put on at events like Mayberry Days. I thought I’d take an episode to talk about that topic and let you all know that, well, we don’t get to rehearse at all. What you see is the tribute artists just stepping up and improving our way through scenes from The Andy Griffith Show and most of the time it’s with almost zero time to even walk through the scene.

I’ll explain that and give you an example of a skit we did back in 1995 that was the VERY first time we’d even tried to do it. It was done in front of a live audience at Col Tim’s at Mayberry Days 1995.

I have a couple of voicemails we’ll address and then we’ll wrap things up by playing some easy Mayberry trivia.

Thank you to the folks that attended the Mayberry Meet-up 2023 for your support of the podcast!

TCNW 753: Mayberry Days Preview and Stuff

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