Mayberry Days 96
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Well, Mayberry Days 1996 has come and gone but not without leaving all those who attended with memories that will live on.

Things got started with the Annual Mayberry Days Golf Outing which began Thursday afternoon. Special guest for Mayberry Days, Jackie Joseph and Richard & Bettina Linke, were on hand to get things started. Following the reading of the rules by Mayberry Deputy David Browning, the golfers took to the course. "Barney" drove Mr. Linke around the course to meet and greet folks in one of the hospitality carts while Mrs. Linke joined Emmett Forrest, Andy's childhood friend, in a foursome.

The other cart was driven by Allan "Floyd" Newsome with the delightful Jackie Joseph (a.k.a. Romeena). Ms. Joseph delivered cookies and smiles to all the golfers as well as taking time to jump over a stump or two with Barney and Floyd close behind.

Pig Picking 96Following golf, folks sit down to enjoy the "Pig Pickin'" (barbecue) and to have the prizes for the days events presented by Barney, Floyd, and Phil "Ernest T." Lee. The fun was just beginning as Ernest T. went over to his darling Romeena and "hefted" her for all to see. Ms. Joseph and Mr. Linke spoke to those gathered thanking all for the warm reception they received.

The days events weren't over yet. The Downtown Cinema Theater had a free showing of "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" to round out the opening days events. A fun day was had by all and Mayberry Days were only beginning.

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