Two Chairs No Waiting 13: Myers Lake is Franklin Canyon Reservoir

by Floyd on January 6, 2009

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:13:19

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

This episode is all about Franklin Canyon and the real “Myers Lake” location where the opening credits for The Andy Griffith Show were filmed.  If you’re ever in the LA area you will not want to miss out on visiting this location. Be sure to take this podcast along with you so you can listen to the ‘scouting report’ about where the Mayberry related areas are.  Don’t miss out on the photos and other links in our show notes.

Below are the directions to “Myers Lake.

You can only go one-way around the lake and that’s staying to the right. When you start around the lake….stop at the first parking area and walk over toward the wooden railing. Looking down from the road you’ll see an area of dirt….that’s the area where Andy and Opie walked. If you get past the wooden railing…you’re too far. The other side of the lake is where Howard was fishing for “ole Sam”.

The house that’s on the right before you go across the dam is the game wardens office when Andy and Helen went fishing without a license and had to pay the fine.


2600 Franklin Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California

From the West Side, head north on Beverly Drive following signs to Coldwater Canyon. Turn left on Coldwater/Beverly Drive and turn left again on Beverly Drive , at Fire Station No. 2. The third right is Franklin Canyon Dr. continue through residential area to park entrance. At the intersection of Franklin Canyon and Lake Drive turn right to go to Franklin Canyon Ranch site or turn left to go to the Sooky Goldman
Nature Center and Franklin Canyon Lake.

From the San Fernando Valley, From the Ventura Freeway (101) or Ventura Blvd. Take Coldwater Canyon Boulevard south to the intersection of Coldwater Canyon and Mulholland Drive. Make a 90 degree right turn onto Franklin Canyon Dr. There is no street sign “Franklin Canyon.” Road signs read “Road Closed 800 Feet” “Sunset to Sunrise”; this is the park entrance. Do NOT make a “U-Turn” for this will bring you onto Mulholland Drive instead of Franklin Canyon. Stay on paved surface to reach the Sooky Goldman Nature Center and continue south of the lake for 1.5 miles to reach the Franklin Canyon Ranch Site area.

As you enter the “loop” that goes around the lake (it’s one way so this should make it easy to describe), you will have a wooden railing on the left. That railing is where Andy stopped on “The Return to Mayberry” and looked down at Myers Lake.  There is a parking area about 40 yards down on the left.

Park there and walk over to the railing just to the left of the parking area (not the railing that on the main road but the wooden “fence” that keeps folks from falling down the slope.   When you look down the slope you’ll see the path. This is where Andy and Opie walked.  There’s a wooden picnic table down there.

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