Drop in at Floyd's and play a game of checkers while you wait for a trim. You can play Goober or bring your own challenger to play you from your computer. It's not internet ready so they'll have to be there with you. (*Special instructions for AOL users.

Sharp Shooter

Deputy Sheriff's Qualifying School:
We all know Barney had to maintain his "sharp shooting" qualification to remain a Deputy Sheriff and that he couldn't have done it without his lucky rabbits foot. Now's your chance to see how YOU would do in this contest of skill.
(*Special instructions for AOL users.)

Word Search Game Capture

If you like word search games, here's your chance to play it Mayberry style.  Look for your favorite Mayberry characters amid a jumble of letters. (*Special instructions for AOL users.

Sliding Tile Game Capture

Slide the pieces into place and solve the puzzle. There are 4 different photos for you to solve and two levels of play. Beginner and Expert
(*Special instructions for AOL users.

Visit the post office and see what got Barney heated up. The slot...I mean, stamp machine will actually work if you're using Netscape 3.0. Even if your not, it's a site to behold. (If you're using MS Internet Explorer 3.O or an earlier version of Netscape, don't worry when it gives you a "JavaScript" error. It'll be okay; just click "OK" but you won't be able to play.)

Games Not on WBMUTBB's Site

This link will take you to visit the Mr. Potato web site and they have a game you might like. Mr. Potato Head
I haven't found the woodworking set, the metal craft set, or the leather craft set on the web yet so for now just try out the Mr. Potato Head set.

* When using AOL for Win95 to play these games, you will need to minimize AOL and open MSIE 3.0 from the desktop or from the "Start" button menu. If you use the AOL embedded browser, the games will not load JAVA properly.

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