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Burke on Mayberry #1 = Kevin Burke on The Andy Griffith Show


Burke on Mayberry #1 = Introduction to Kevin Burke on Mayberry

Running time: 3:03

In this entertaining podcast Dr. Kevin L. Burke of Illinois State University discusses the cultural relevance, morals and “just plain fun” embodied by “The Andy Griffith Show” (1960 – 1968). Although the TAGS season finale was in 1968, this classic television show is still going strong more than 40 years later! Dr. Burke provides “behind the scenes” tidbits, discusses insights into TAGS episodes, and tests your knowledge of TAGS with a trivia question at the end of each podcast! Submit your Mayberry trivia answers, comments, and questions to burke@iMayberry.com . Answers to the Burke on Mayberry trivia questions are located on the Episodes & Trivia page of this website. Be sure to visit www.BurkeOnMayberry.com for more information and to provide comments/suggestions!

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