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TCNW 756: 15 Years, No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting
Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:34:16

Happy 15th birthday to Two Chairs No Waiting.

On October 11, 2008 the Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast had it’s very first episode published to the world. Back in those days, most people didn’t have high-speed internet so I did my best to keep episode length short and therefore the file size small. That first episode was only 12 minutes 11 seconds long and the file was less than 6 Megs. For reference, episode 755 was over 42 minutes long with a file size of almost 30 Megs.

Some other things that happened in October 2008:
Oct 7 Music, podcast, and video streaming service Spotify is launched
Oct 22 Google Play is launched, the official app store for the Android operating system

There was no video version of the first episode, thank goodness, because I recorded it in my bedroom wearing an USB headphone/microphone that made noises if I moved my head and picked up every sound in the house. The first “live stream” of the podcast didn’t happen until episode 64 in very late December of 2009, over a year after the podcast began.

That first video stream was not great. Those who attended couldn’t hear the music I play to start and end episode nor could they see anything other that a bad quality version of me. I worked to improve things for the video so I skipped a week and by episode 66 those who attended could at least see and hear things though the video quality was still bad. By episode 67, I had vey much improved the video quality and the “live stream” became watchable.

By episode 72 I had upgraded the microphone to the one I currently use and both audio and video quality got us to an acceptable level. Other improvements have been done to the camera, lighting, software and computers over the years and hopefully the host has also improved.

We finish up with some Mayberry trivia. It’s a BIG day!

Thank you to the folks that attended the Mayberry Meet-up 2023 for your support of the podcast!

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Executive producer of Two Chairs No Waiting for Episode #756: Brian Rose
Patreon Patron of the Week #756: Rebecca Spears

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