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Burke on Mayberry #24 = Andy and the Gentleman Crook


Burke on Mayberry #24 = Andy and the Gentleman Crook

Running time: 11:22

In this “The Andy Griffith Show” episode which originally aired on February 27, 1961, the legendary con artist Gentleman Dan Caldwell arrives for a stopover in the Mayberry jail and quickly beguiles Aunt Bee, Opie, and Barney with his charm and sophistication. When Barney is left alone to watch him, Caldwell reels him into his web, takes his gun, and manages to escape. Before he reaches the courthouse door, Andy walks in with Aunt Bee and Opie, who are able to see through Caldwell’s charismatic veneer. Be sure to visit www.BurkeOnMayberry.com to get the answer to this episode’s trivia question!

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