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Two Chairs No Waiting 4: George Lindsey Interview Part 4

Host: Allan Newsome
Special Guest:
George Lindsey
Running time: 0:12:37

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

This is the final episode of our interview with George Lindsey . I can’t thank Mr. Lindsey enough for allowing us to set down with him. He is the greatest and hopefully we may be able to speak with him again for some future episode.

This is part 4 of a four part interview with George Lindsey.

– Notes on Interview Part 4
* George talks about the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
* George speaks at the Alabama State Legislature

The very first George Lindsey UNA Film Festival was about to be held when this interview was performed and now they are about to have the 12th annual. Keep that in mind as you listen and realize the wonderful contribution Mr. Lindsey has made to future entertainers.

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  • Romeena November 21, 2008, 2:12 am

    Allan, I’m loving these podcasts! Since I met “Floyd” on the cruise in November, it makes it even more fun when you interview him.

    Enjoyed the interviews with Goober very much. He sounds like he’s just as nice as he always seemed to be on the shows.

  • Tim Bradshaw January 16, 2013, 5:55 pm

    Just finished listening to Episode #4. This is a priceless interview! I will never forget the one time I met George Linsdey. It was at Pigeon Forge, TN. As he was about to autograph my picture of him, I asked him to write it out to me and he said ” You know that everybody knows that I don’t know you” Great sense of humor! It was interesting to hear him talk about the lake in Episode #3, been there twice and can never put in words what it felt like to walk around that place! It was surely a piece of Mayberry that still existed in Hollywood that was still very recognizable. George was a great human being!

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