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Two Chairs No Waiting 16: Listener Feedback 3

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:17:15

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Voice Mails

Rodney (a.k.a. Mayor Stoner) tells us about an experience with Hal “Otis” Smith as well with Rodney Dillard (the guitar playing Darling boy).

Number12 called in and promised to comment on our show at iTunes as soon as he figures out how.

We have seven reviews on iTunes so thank you all for reviewing and please feel free to do so anytime.

Joe Gritton (a.k.a. Untrained Voice) talks about being a TAGS writer tribute artist. Makes mention of Jean “Hello Doll” Carson and the WBMUTBB Chapters daily e-mail about Mayberry.


I just posted to following to iTunes…

I thoroughly enjoy listening to your podcast and eagerly await each new episode. Your podcast captures the spirit of Mayberry and reminds me to act like a Mayberrian no matter where I find myself.

I am writing because I wanted to go a little further in email to say how wonderful I think it is you were presented the flag from Paul Balmer. Not only was it flown for nine hours and eleven minutes in honor of one day of infamy, but it was also flown on December 7, another day of infamy. How appropriate to recognize TAGS and your podcast in this way. Our soldiers are fighting for a way of life and values espoused in TAGS. May we never take their sacrifices lightly or worse, forget what they do for our world. It is because of them that we can have our way of life, and as TAGS fans it should be our goal to act like a Mayberrian no matter if we live in a small town like mine (with one 4-way stop) or a city as large as New York.

Keep up the good work.

FROM: Mayor Pike

I think it’s amazing that the spirit of Mayberry can bring some joy to our men and women heroes in Afghanistan.  Ernest T. was right when he said “can’t do enough for our boys in khaki”.  Thanks so much to Paul and all of them as they serve.  I pray they all come home safely.  And, I’m sure the Milo boys would be proud, too.

FROM: Joey Fann
The new “Two Chairs No Waiting” Mayberry podcast is outstanding!

BarneyFife.com – Mayberry Bible Study.


FROM: ThelmaLou
Episode 13 (6 Jan 09) is about Franklin Canyon  (Myers Lake).   I’m not sure if folks will enjoy it but if not…there’s always next week if they don’t. 🙂

Allan, I enjoyed it.  I remember the photos you took with Adam the time you visited there.  I would LOVE someday to go there myself.  I may never get there (since I live in the Midwest), but if I do, at least I have directions and know where to go!  I also like the way you mentioned the railing where Andy stood in one episode and how you tied that in with “Return to Mayberry.”  I like to know trivial trivialities like that.  🙂

(Thelma Lou)


From: Scott  (Actually written to Burk on Mayberry podcast )

Dr. Burke,
I received an iPodTouch for Christmas this year so I’ve just recently discovered Podcasts.  I’ve been enjoying yours, Burk on Mayberry, and the “Two Chairs No Waiting” podcast very much.  I’m almost done listening to the 32 episodes (of Burk on Mayberry) that you have posted…..

The behind the scenes stories have been great.

Thanks for all of your work


From: Liza Jane  about OPIE CATES
I was reading about my grandpa, Opie Cates, online and came across your website.  A lady asked a question about where the name Opie came from and was is short for anything.  I can answer both questions.  First Opie came from Opie Cates the band leader, you are correct.  Second, the name was not short for anything.  His full name was Opie Taft Cates.  I hope this helps.  Please contact us if you have any other questions.
Liza Jane

FROM: Jeff (Ref: Two Chairs No Waiting 14: Jeff Branch)

Great addition to have Floyd tell a joke at the end of the podcast!  Look forward to hearing more of that – keep up the great work. – Jeff

FROM: John
Subject: thanks for the podcast!

Just wanted to let you know i am really enjoying your podcasts.

I’ve been an Andy fan going back to the original days of the show.  While living in Nashville I attended an early meeting of TAGRWC, with Jim Clark (1985?).  It was held at Vanderbilt and they showed the Pilot episode on a big theater screen.  It was amazing to watch the show with so many other fans.  Doug Dillard sang at that event too.  I’ve been to Mayberry Days twice also.  We’ve many times since living in Nashville, and I tell people that the Andy episodes keeps me sane.  While trying to find a job when we moved to Long Island, it was hectic and depressing trying to find a job and get used to Long Island after moving from Tennessee.  Every night when i got home from my job search, i’d pull out my video tapes i had made from Andy on WTBS, watch them and breathe a big sigh of relief – EVERYTHING WAS STILL OK IN MAYBERRY!!  We now live in New Hampshire and watch Andy every day.

Thanks again for doing the podcast!  Makes me feel at home!

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  • Tim Bradshaw January 18, 2013, 8:09 pm

    Another Great Episode. Interesting story about Hal Smith. I really connected with Joe Gritton and his contribution as a “writer” that is pretty neat. I can relate with his experiences and appreciate his contributions to do what he knows best! In addition to all of my interest in TAGs, I am also very interested in the things like the writing, camera work, and production that made the show what it was. When watching the shows I am always watching the background and camera techniques with the “single camera” filming of the show. Fascinating! I really enjoy meeting the actors and tribute artist when possible and have been very fortunate to spend some time around LA to visit Andy Griffith related sites such as Franklin Canyon, old Desilu Cahuenga Studios, and what’s left of the old 40 acres back lot. Everything about Mayberry is fascinating to me! Great Podcast , nice feed back!

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