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Two Chairs No Waiting 88: The Whistler Feedback

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:22:46

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Several folks responded to our last episode about the “king” of whistlers, Fred Lowery.  If you didn’t hear lasts weeks show (#87), you may want to go back and give it a listen before this episode.  We’ll talk a bit more about who exactly it was that whistled the theme of The Andy Griffith Show and theories about why people believe that Mr. Lowery was that whistler.

We’ll also be talking a bit about Mayberry Days held the last full weekend of September in Andy Griffith’s hometown Mt. Airy, NC.   It’s certainly a sight to behold and I encourage you to attend Mayberry Days if you have a chance.  It’s gooooood!

If you can’t attend, there are other events related to Mayberry and you can learn about them by going to the “Event Calendar” link at iMayberry.com.  Try and make plans to visit one of these events and support folks that are trying to bring a little bit of Mayberry to your corner of the world.

Don’t forget to leave comments or ask questions on the TwoChairsNoWaiting.com website or using the contact information given in the podcast. We’d love to have you be a part of our next feedback episode. Call the Two Chairs No Waiting Hot-line at (888) 684-8415 and leave a voice mail to be part of the show.

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  • Fred Lowery @ SpaceAgePop.com – Fred Lowery was the most successful professional whistler of the 1940s and 1950s. Blinded by scarlet fever at the age of two, he was sent to the Texas School for the Blind in Austin when he was seven. Born 2 November 1909, Palestine, Texas; Died December 1984, Jacksonville, Texas.
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Executive Producer of Two Chairs No Waiting Episode #88: John Foster

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  • Meghan June 22, 2010, 1:48 pm

    I just discovered this podcast recently and absolutely love it! I have learned so much more about Mayberry than ever before by listening to your weekly podcasts. Here in IL, there are not many people you can talk to about Mayberry (or at least where I live).

    Now, I have two questions that have been troubling me.

    1. In a season 3 episode of Gomer Pyle USMC, the episode where SGT Carter is sent to a recruiting both in Hollywood with a tag-along Gomer, there is a part where a security guard from the National Bank runs out of the bank after it is robbed. The guard surprisingly looks a lot like Barney: same uniform, same belt, same hat, same flashlight, same notepad, and the list goes on. 🙂
    Anyway, I wanted to ask you about this to see who that man was and why, for some reason, he looked like Barney.

    2. Referring to the Whistler Podcast, could it be possible that both Earl Hagen and Fred Lowery whistled the song together? Towards the ending of the TAGS theme song, only snapping and whistling is heard, but it seems as though, maybe, TWO whistles are heard. Am I going deaf or is there an overlap of two whistles there?


  • Tim Bradshaw February 5, 2013, 7:18 pm

    Very good subject and feedback. I had never hear of Mr. Lowery but he sure can whistle! I am no expert of whistling, but I would venture to say that it sounds like his whistling is at a higher pitch.

    I think it was a misunderstanding that Mr Lowery was THE ONE who whistled the TAGS song, I agree with you Allan on this. I can imagine that since TAGS song was so popular that he was requested to whistle that toon and since probably no one at the time really paid attention to the closing credits that Earl Hagen was the person responsible for providing the music, many people might have assumed that Mr. Lowery was the person who whistled TAGS. A pretty definate difference in the style of whistling.

    Good Podcast Allan ! Dadgumit, you got me whistling to myself !

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