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Two Chairs No Waiting 127: Mayberry Cancelled

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:23:58

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Cancelled! Back in March 1971 CBS went on a canceling spree and shut down production on all their rural comedies.  The end of the 1971 season saw the cancellation of Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, Hee-Haw, Lassie, The Jim Nabors Hour, Hogans Heroes and of course Mayberry RFD. (Petticoat Junction was cancelled the previous season.)

That isn’t a complete listing but gives you the idea about how, as Alabama native Pat “Mr. Haney” Buttram put it, “CBS cancelled everything with a tree, even Lassie.”  At the time of the purge, Mayberry RDF was #15 in the ratings.

On Saturday March 5, 2011 a panel discussion was held as part of the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival on Southern Rural Humor in TV & Film.

The participants were Birmingham author Tim Hollis, actor Danny Vinson, media studies scholar Dr. Jacob Podber in the discussion, and the host of Two Chairs No Waiting Allan Newsome.  The topic went a great deal into the portrayal of rural characters on television, radio, and film.

Hear from Tim, from his portion of the panel, as we discussed the purge of rural programing.

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  • Janet Anderson March 17, 2011, 12:20 am

    Allan, this question has to do with last week’s episode, “Return to Myers Lake.” As I was watching one of the episodes on my 50th anniversary set of TAGS last night, I noticed something. During the original end credits showing Andy and Opie getting their fish and preparing to leave the lake, you can see a white building in the background at the other end of the lake. I tried to zoom in, but it was too fuzzy to see much detail. Anyway, I am wondering if this is the game warden’s house or another building. Do you know? I tried looking at your photo of the game warden’s house but couldn’t tell if they were the same. This is the only time I can recall actually seeing a building included in any shot of Myers Lake on the show. I wondered if you could satisfy my curiosity. Thanks!

  • Tim Bradshaw February 16, 2013, 11:52 am

    March 1971 — the day the world changed ! This was the beginning of a major change in my life. All of the shows I grew up watching were being canceled, buy the middle of the next year I was off to the Marine Corps and things have never been the same! Thank God for reruns and DVD’s ! And Thanks to TGSRWC and these Podcast I or we fans can continue to enjoy the memories and watch the shows again and again.

    The 70’s brought in the shows like Emergency, Chips, Adam 12, Charlies Angels, and many others like them. I like most of these show too, but it was never the same TV watching!

    Man, Tim Hollis….I was surprised to see and hear his voice here on the Podcast. About a year ago I bought a couple of his books on defunt roadside attractions in Western North Carolina and other areas of the Southeast. He is Good ! Great piece of work here Allan.

    Enjoyed the feedback from other fans too!

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