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Two Chairs No Waiting 145: Allan Newsome Interview Part 2

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:19:33

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Floyd Lawson, the barber in Mayberry, again guest hosts this episode of Two Chairs No Waiting. We’ll be hearing part 2 of an interview by Greg Davis of the Priority Talk radio program heard on WXJC 92.5 fm and 850 am in Brimingham, AL.  Allan was invited on the show to talk “Mayberry.”

In part 2 you’ll hear about the Mayberry Squad Car Nationals held in Graysville, AL.  We also hear discussion about George Lindsey, Jim Nabors, the “Fun Girls” (Jean Carson in particular), Mayberry related books, Mayberry Bible study, and more.

Enjoy the interview and the story by Floyd near the end of the podcast.

Our thanks to WXJC for allowing us to rebroadcast the interview.

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Executive Producer of Two Chairs No Waiting Episode #145: Floyd Lawson


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  • Tim Bradshaw February 22, 2013, 10:15 am

    All of this just makes me smile Allan. You have done a great job with this interview series using Floyd for the introduction not to mention the green screen effects!

    Man I was shocked to hear that they started out with a drag race with these cars, glad they stopped that.

    This brings back some memories from 1964 (I was 11 years old) my father loved cars, on his meger pay as a soldier somehow he was able to purchase a brand new 1965 Ford Galaxie. He was always excited to be one of the first to get a new car when it came out. I will never forget the first ride in that car…he said “it only cost a nickel to go first class” Now that saying came from the fact that at the time you could mail a letter first class with a nickel stamp. I was watching TAGS at the time he bought this car, but I don’t think I realized for sure this was one of the models actually used as a squad car on the show, it just looked so much different without the red light and the b&w body with the star and whip antenna.

    Now Allan, I have got to say this….you do such a great job of impersonating Floyd that sometimes I have to sit in amazemtent and wonder…..is Allan impersonating Floyd the Barber or is Floyd impersonation Allan Newsome. You’r good Allan. Enjoy all of this stuff for sure.

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