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Two Chairs No Waiting 158: Jack Dodson

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:19:57

Two Chairs No WaitingJack Dodson is best remembered for is role of Howard Sprague on the Andy Griffith Show but he was more than that.  He liked camping, was a fan of boxing, Spencer Tracy movies, and he attended Carnegie Tech (Carnegie Mellon University as it’s known now).

I got a wonderful surprise back in 2006 when Scott Helmandollar wrote to me and shared a few photos his father had taken back in the mid-1950’s.

Let’s visit our Mayberry friends and learn more about Jack Dodson and Howard Sprague.

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  • Janet Anderson October 19, 2011, 11:52 pm

    I enjoyed learning more about Jack Dodson in this podcast, Allan. I went to the Facebook page to view the pictures better. The photo of Jack in the T-shirt shows that he was pretty thin in his army days! (Reminds me of the episode where Barney visits the new doctor in town and sits in his T-shirt to be examined. Well, okay, Jack wasn’t as thin as Don Knotts — not many people are!) In the one photo of Jack in the “Happy Days” episode, it appeared as though he didn’t have his customary mustache. Is that correct? Or perhaps it had turned gray and just wasn’t as obvious. I thought it was interesting that he had his mustache as far back as the ’50s, so I’m assuming he had it most of his adult life.

  • Floyd October 20, 2011, 6:41 am

    I didn’t even notice that Mr. Dodson didn’t seem to have his mustache on Happy Days. I’ll try and find a few more screen shots of the Happy Days episode so we can see better to be sure it is missing. Good eye!

  • Tim Bradshaw February 28, 2013, 6:45 pm

    It took me a while to be able to apprecite Jack Dodson as Howard Sprague. I think I can honestly say my favorite episode featuring him was where he caught “Big Sam” Over the years after watching the reruns I have learned to like his charactor and accepted him as a valuable cast member. The old Army photos were very interesting. These photos may have never been brought to light to Mayberry fans if it had not been for this podcast and your hard work, Thanks

    Oh, I used to watch Happy Days, but I don’t know that I ever saw the episode of Jack as the dentist, looking at these photos, I don’t think I would have even recognized him in that show.

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