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Two Chairs No Waiting 218: Top 20 Episodes of 2012

Two Chairs No WaitingHost: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:23:58

2012 was a year to remember in Mayberry and since it’s the beginning of a new year I thought it was a good time to review the top episodes of the year.   This listing is made up of the episodes released during 2012 (not all-time).

I think the review may be helpful to podcast listeners who have missed episodes and for new listeners who may want to go back and check out some of the most listened to episodes.

I did some figuring about the 217 episodes, thus far, of Two Chairs No Waiting. Over the last 4 plus years, I have created just over 63 and a half hours of podcast listening. That averages out to 17 and a half minutes per episode.  So, knowing which episodes fellow listeners have listened to most may help you find the high points you may enjoy going back and giving a listen.


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 Top Episodes of 2012

Visit the Episode Listing page for direct links to the below (and any other) episodes.

1    195: Leonard Blush
2    196: Andy
3    194: The eBullet June 2012
4    179: Barney - Just the FAQs
5    176: Remembering Don Knotts #4 Part 1
6    182: Andy Griffith on the Opry
7    169: Top 20 Episodes of 2011
8    178: Where is Mayberry?
9    175: The eBullet February 2012
10    180: Goober, Presiding Goober, and Ken
11    181: The Andy Griffith Show in the Future
12    177: Remembering Don Knotts #4 Part 2
13    186: Otis at Don Knotts Star
14    187: George Lindsey Part 1
15    170: The Fleets Come to Mayberry Part 1
16    210: Mayberry Days Trivia 2012
17    197: Andy Part 2
18    174: Hooked on Mayberry
19    171: The Fleets Come to Mayberry Part 2
20    173: Opie's Kindness
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