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Two Chairs No Waiting 262: Black Friday in Mayberry

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:24:28

I was looking around my “Mayberry” room at the different items I’ve collected over the years and realizing how much I enjoy having Mayberry things in my life.  Every week here on Two Chairs No Waiting I tell you about Weaver’s Department Store and sometimes I think that many of you don’t realize that it is a REAL store.  It isn’t just a name from The Andy Griffith Show that I made up as a sponsor for this podcast.  It’s real!

This week I thought it was time for me to point out things at Weaver’s that would be fun for the Mayberry fan in your life to have….even if that fan is you!  I smile just thinking about having a Mayberry calendar to look at every day of the next year or about having a shirt with Barney on front that I can wear to help start conversations.  It’s time to share those smiles with others by giving away a little bit of Mayberry for Christmas, a birthday, or just because you want to make somebody happy.

I’m also looking to hear from you with your list of the TOP FIVE episodes of Two Chairs No Waiting.  E-mail me your list so I can create a list of episodes that new listeners would want to hear first to get them “hooked” on the podcast.  At Christmas, people get new devices that they could use to listen to this podcast so I want to get them started on the episodes you think are best.  E-mail me your top five list Floyd@iMayberry.com 


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