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TCNW 398: Characters – Just the FAQs

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:31:09

I’ve been covering some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) often received about The Andy Griffith Show in past episodes.  Those were focused on “main” characters (Andy, Barney, & Aunt Bee) so I thought I’d focus on the supporting role characters to give them some credit for making the town of Mayberry come alive.

Here’s the FAQs we’re going to cover:

1 Count Istvan Teleky
2 Who played the old thin white haired gentleman who sung for Barney he was behind the curtain while Barney thought he was singing.
3 Was there ever more than one person that played Asa?
4 I saw the movie “TITANIC” and thought I saw Malcolm Merriweather. Which character did he play?
5 Why do the outfits worn by the two “G-men” on the episode “A Black Day for Mayberry” change?
6 In the episode about Frank Myers and his $100 savings bond the credits show a production assistant also named Frank Myers. Is that where the name came from?
7 Wasn’t there more than one Wally?
8 There’s a man that’s on a bunch of episodes in crowds wearing a white hat but they never tell his name. Who is he?
9 There were several references to Mrs. Clara Edwards (she was the pickle champion, so we know she was married) but not many to Miss Flora Edwards…Anybody know the story, or is there one?
10 In the episode where the English tourist, Malcom, stays with Andy to pay off his fine, whose car does he use to drive Andy to the courthouse?
11 What was Mayor Pike’s first name?
12 How many different actors played the part of Ben Weaver?
13 One of the girls who gathered in Andy’s house to meet Thelma and raised the question “What did we turn out for?” sounds like Judy Jetson. Was it the lady who did Judy’s voice on “The Jetson’s” cartoon?
14 The guy who sold Andy the “canning jars” for Aunt Bee also playeed Mr. Simms and the guy who Andy sentenced to either “$10 or 10 days in jail…You got chickens to throw, you got chickens to sell.” Who was the actor?
15 Does anyone know who the actor that played Mr. Schwamp (Mr. Schwump)? How’s his name spelled?
16 What is Big Maude saying when she sends Floyd to town? It sounded like AKKA BAKKA.
17 What actor holds the record for appearing on TAGS in the most different roles?
18 The absence of black people in any town in the South is an impossibility. Did the writers deliberatly script only white people for the show?
19 Was the “Gold Truck” episode the one and only appearance of Doodles Weaver..(AKA-Regis)? Was he not the father of Sigourney Weaver?


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