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TCNW 759: Golden Arm Stories and Chief Swanee’s Gold

Two Chairs No Waiting
Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:43:51

It’s the Halloween time and it is a tradition here on Two Chairs No Waiting to tell a spooky story or two around the campfire.

This year we have a special guest storyteller. James Dodson has been coming to Mayberry events for a few years now as “Andy” and I thought it would be fitting to have him tell a story that I know you’ll all enjoy.

In the search for a story to tell you that is in the same spooky vein as “The Golden Arm,” I found “Chief Swanee’s Gold” written by Craig Dominey and Lanny Gilbert on “The Moonlit Road” podcast/website. Craig granted me permission to share that story with you and it will be followed by a version of The Golden Arm folktale.

The Golden Arm was most famously told by Mark Twain and also used by him to instruct others in how to tell a story. In 2015, I first presented the Mark Twain version of the story in episode #349. This being the spooky time of the year, I thought it was time to tell another version of the story.

This episode is spooky so be sure to keep those who might not sleep well, like Barney and Gomer, away from this episode I wouldn’t want to have anyone staring darkness trying to spot someone looking for their gold or their golden arm.

Thank you to the folks that attended the Mayberry Meet-up 2023 for your support of the podcast!

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