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Two Chairs No Waiting 47: Gary Crain Interview

Host: Allan Newsome
Special Guest: Gary “Gomer Pyle” Crain
Running time: 0:15:58

Two Chairs No Waiting

Two Chairs No Waiting

Tonight you’ll get to hear from Gary Crain who is a wonderful Gomer Plye tribute artist and his voice is not to be missed. He sounds so much like Gomer you’ll swear he was right c’here in this room.

Gary hasn’t been performing as a tribute artist for very long but he has certainly made his presence known.  You’ll hear just a bit of his Gomer impersonation during the interview and you don’t want to miss it.

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Come join Mayberry fans on Carnival Cruise Lines beautiful ship the FASCINATION for 5 glorious days to Key West & Nassau!! October 12-17, 2009
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  • William Darby September 2, 2009, 12:54 pm

    We really enjoy listening to the podcast. We really enjoyed hearing Gary Crain. He sounds just like the real Gomer. We will be attending Mayberry Days in Mt Airy NC and look forward to seeing you all once again. Was wondering what all tribute artists will be there this time? Will Gary Crain be there this year? We look forward to seeing each and every one of you during Mayberry Days.

  • Tim Bradshaw January 26, 2013, 8:10 pm

    I remember as a kid watching the first runs of Tags on our old b&w tv the first time I saw Gomer on the show, just when I did not think the show could get any better, here is this unbelieveable new character, always like his character and even liked his continuation into Gomer Pyle USMC ! I was in the Marines myself in the early 1970′ and I can tell you I have met a few PFC Gomer Pyles along the tour of duty! The buckets on the head brinds back a special memory….The galvanized bucket was part of every recruits initial issued in boot camp…..It is used to sit on, scrub floor with a toothbrush, carry stuff, you name it…..On the first day our D.I.”s picked us up when they sent the smokers outside to “light up” the first time, they had to smoke thier fist cigarette with a bucket over their head….this was to try to discourage some of them from wanting to smoke and break the habbit…It did work on at least one of the recruits. Gary does sound so much like Gomer in character ! Great Job. Very nice interview.

    On to # 48

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