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TCNW 692: Mayberry Celebrates America

Two Chairs No Waiting
Two Chairs No Waiting

Host: Allan Newsome
Running time: 0:32:55

At a recent screening of the Mayberry Man movie in Tuscaloosa, AL it was mentioned by an audience member that there were things that they had learned on The Andy Griffith Show that come in handy in their everyday lives.

That got me to thinking about that because I’ve seen things on TV and on the Internet where folks were asked simple questions that I would think anyone would know from just having gone to high school. History, geography, and other common things that we should be aware of that it seems there are many who just have no clue.

I mean, for some of the answers, just watching The Andy Griffith Show would have been enough to give a good answer. Let’s check that out.

We’ll play some trivia as well so let’s have some fun and smile together.

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